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    Thread: Adelaide's Pros & Cons

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      ste and cheryl

      Adelaide's Pros & Cons

      Hello ,

      We, being myself, my husband, my mum, dad and younger brother are 90% sure Adelaide is the state for us all to move to.

      I'm interested to hear people's opinions and advise on Adelaide !

      Thank you all in advance

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      ste and cheryl


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      Quote Originally Posted by ste and cheryl View Post
      Hello ,

      We, being myself, my husband, my mum, dad and younger brother are 90% sure Adelaide is the state for us all to move to.

      I'm interested to hear people's opinions and advise on Adelaide !

      Thank you all in advance

      Hi Cheryl!
      We went to Adelaide last year to visit friends and fell in love with the place!Hence why we are going (hopefully)! The people were so friendly, beaches beautiful, Lovely parks for the children and very family orientated. Also one of the more affordable states to live in with regards to buying/building a home.

      My friend is coming back to Wiltshire in 2 weeks to visit - first time in nearly 5 years! When I said to her "Cant wait for you to come home" she said Adelaide is my home I am just coming back!!So there you go!! Good luck with everything!

      Trudy x:D
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      There are loads of Pro's & Cons threads if you have a bit of a wander around the forum.

      Here are two recent ones.........



      It really is individual choice.

      Some love it and some hate it.

      If you have the bug bad enough it's worth coming out to see if it sticks:)

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      Hi Cheryl, we've been here nearly 5 years and love it. Very family orientated place. We have four kids...16,15,13,10 and i could think of no place better to raise them. The city is calm ..even my daughter on her L's feels comfortable driving about. Not far from the beach or the hills ,are plenty of park lands n reserves to walk. . . Good luck

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      Been here just over 2 years and were loving it...

      Cons communcation is the root of evil out here, when it comes to jobs, houses rentals etc etc.
      you keep switching $ into pounds the sooner you do this the better there is more but i dnt like to try and remember it all, onwards and upwards i say.

      Pros the beaches, the stunning scenery, the lovely lady Adelaide city herself she is beautiful.

      Heaps of sport, gigs and concerts to goto and take part in,

      Wineries ( best wine in the world from SA )

      East to get from A to B just watch some drivers proper nobs....

      There is so much to do out here there really is....

      You will love it i am sure....catch you on the other saide soon...

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      We went out there for 5 weeks last year and couldn't wait to go back and we are finally on our way in just over 3 weeks.
      We haven't been to any other states apart from 1 day in Melbourne but we did allsorts in Adelaide go-karting, wildlife parks, drive-in movie, walks on the beach etc, etc, etc.
      But what always sticks in my mind is walking through the city and stumbling upon a little cafe by the river with loads of space for picnics, peddle boats and fantastic views. It was just something we didn't expect to see in the city centre.
      We mainly chose Adelaide for the climate, reasonable temp all year and not humid.

      Everyones different do the research on the things that are important to you then decide.

      Good Luck
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