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      Help!! Aspc Insisting On Meds For Child With No Contact

      Need help with medical for non migrating child who we have no contact!!

      Hi not been on here for a while as been really stressed over this whole visa.

      My OH has a daughter he has no contact with her choice not his.

      8 weeks ago the ASPC asked for her to have a medical, We got her mother to write a statment saying she will not allow this to happen and sent it along with a copy of the mothers passport and child birth cert.

      Now 8 weeks later they are insisting the child has a medical!!!!!!

      Do they want us to take the child kicking and screaming to the medical and have to kidnap her to get her there????

      Has anyone else has this happen to them???

      I'm going out my mind please help, just feel like giving up on the whole visa!!!

      Tina x

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      Ahh tina, you sound so stressed.

      We had a similar situation with the SIR 495 Visa, but we stuck it out and said no meds because it was a temp 3 year visa. Hope it all works out for you soon.


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