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    Thread: Green clean neighborhood? can you help?

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      Currently we are living in beautiful NZ, but work will take us Adelaide in the near future. I was wondering if anybody out there in Adelaide could give us heads up for what neighborhoods to check out when we come over for our scout it out trip next month.
      I like to prepare myself but find it hard to search through ALL in the information on the www, to come up with a wise plan were to put our energy. (we have only a few days)
      We are looking for a middle class neighborhood with good primary schools to choose from, sports field, shopping, library, lots of young families. Initially we would rent a house later on, we would like to build our own place.
      I a few years, when the children require high school education a bus route through the neighborhood that takes them into the area where goods schools are located would be preferred.
      I like green and trees and would be over the moon if I could ride my bike again, without many hills and getting too sweaty.
      Hopefully someone can indicate what areas to avoid and what to focus on. Don't be too PC. I like to hear it how it is. Thanks a lot for you taking the time. NL->CND->NZ-.OZ?

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      The choice is really huge, and a lot will depend on where you might be working. Just to start the ball rolling though, I'd highly recommend the Eastern/North Eastern suburbs, particularly Highbury (where I live), Athelstone, Dernancourt, Tea Tree Gully, Vista, and Woodforde. All have trees, parks, hills, good schools - both state and private, good public transport: between 20 and 30 mins into the City by bus or O-Bahn (a bus that runs on roads or rail), plenty of sporting facilities, good shops, good services such as doctors, dentists, libraries (Tea Tree Gully library is excellent), and within easy reach of the Barossa wine region (30 mins) and the northern and western beaches (say 40 minutes). Lots of employment within easy commute, ranging from hospitals and office work in the City, to manufacturing companies in the north and along Grand Junction Road (runs East to West), and of course the wineries. Also you have the River Torrens Linear Park running through the middle, with cycling and walking tracks all the way along, plus plenty of mountain biking if you're into that sort of thing, and lots of groups that go out on road rides regularly.

      Another alternative place to look is the South Eastern suburbs, such as Belair and surrounds. Again, lots of parks, trees, good schools, good transport, nearer to the beaches perhaps, but quite hilly!

      Good luck, I'm sure someone soon will come along soon to sing the praises of Hallett Cove and all places South!

      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Smile where to settle.....

      East and North East is nice. I grew up there and loved the area. Houses are beautiful and mostly a very safe place to be. Wouldn't call much of the flat stuff middle class though, by the time you're up to Dernancourt, Modbury, Highbury it's not lazy cyclist friendly. Suppose it depends on where you're going though.....

      Big question is, once you're settled in a rental, you want to build in the same area, right? There's a load of dodgy swamp like land up NE going under development, and it must be noted that Modbury North, Ridgehaven, Redwood Park and anything norther are entirely different kettles of fish to Highbury, Dernancourt, Woodforde, Paradise and Rostrevor which are bluechip real estate areas.

      Diane was right, i am here to sing the praises of Hallett Cove. It's as hilly as Modbury, but with plenty of good stable land being carved up, good schools in Sheidow Park and brighton down the hill, Reynella nearby is still good for cheaper rentals and the network of cycling tracks is awesome, albeit a bit steep compared to the gradual slopes of Linear park. Also beautiful trees and greenery.

      Make sure you check out Port Noarlunga and Old Noarlinga too!

      Hope I haven't offended anybody.

      Hope that helps.
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      Thanks to you both for taking the time, I am using your info as my travel guide. Will keep you posted on the outcome. Any thoughts on Gawler?



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