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      Thanks to all for taking the time to reply. Its just so nice to here all the optimism on here, i really am so excited about it all. I really did think that there was only me with a mum, who has tried every tactic to make me change my mind about moving, but i feel i am not alone.

      I really do hope i get to meet up with others who have made the big step, one day,. hopefully it won't be too much longer now.
      Tracy xxx

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      Hi Tracy, we are new to PIA too, I am a nurse applying on the 175 as well, going with my Hubby and 2 Doggies ... yep its a hard decision but you have to go for these things lots of pro's only a few cons .. if you don't try you will always think what if..... UK will still be here if you want to come home.
      Think 175 taking 10 years at the moment ... no ha ha ha .. hope not xx

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      Stella and Dave
      Hi Barry and Daff,
      We have just got our 175 visa, and plan to go this summer, I also have a 23 year old daughter and fully understand where you're coming from, excitement and guilt feature in equal measures, I just wish she would come with us, but can't convince her yet. We will still go and try to tempt, I will miss her massively, but at 45 I'm not willing to forego my dreams quite yet.
      Stella (nurse) and Dave (transport manager)

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      Well it sounds like we all have the same mother!! LOL. Mine says they cant believe we are taking their grandchild away, and that we will never see them and that they will never visit!! Its so hard because you just wish you could bundle your whole family up and bring them too. There is no easy answer and I am just crossing my fingers I wont regret it, but we will give it our best shot for our little girl. Good luck, Penny


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