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  1. james0070

    More redundancies

    Why don't the workers buy the Car plant and keep it going, just change the name.
  2. james0070

    Pensions query

    Thanks all, very helpful Regards James & Sally
  3. Hi We hope to work for about ten years in Australia before we retire, We will pay into a pension scheme for the ten years. any idea what we are likely to get from the Australian Gov thanks Regards James & Sally
  4. james0070

    Wanted berth Motor home

    Hi We are looking to buy a 6 berth Motor home, we are thinking of buying one in England and shipping it out, unless we can find one that suits us over there at the right price, Thanks regards James & Sally:smile:
  5. james0070

    Health Care

    Hi, Sally and I are hoping to emigrate in may 2017 we will be Sally 56 James 57, what type of health care insurance would you recommend. Thanks Regards James & Sally:biggrin:
  6. james0070

    UK Pension Transfers – Information Thread

    Hi My Wife and I hope to be emigrating about may 2017 we will be Sally 55 and me James 56 we will only have our state pension, what we are thinking is that when we retire at the age of 65/67 we were thinking of leaving our pension in a British bank for the first year, then once a year transfer one years worth to Australia, then the same each year after. what do you think. Regards James & Sally Griffiths
  7. james0070

    Importing a Motorhome

    Hi All, we are thinking of Importing a motor home for when we arrive in Australia, could you please give us some advice to the pro's and cons. what would the Au gov. charge and how long would it take to get through customs. We will be settling in Adelaide, but wish to send the motor home up as far north as possible, the travel down to Adelaide. Thanks Regards James
  8. james0070

    Hi all

    Hi Jessica I will be looking to carry on Driving when we arrive in Adelaide, so any help or advices will certainly be appreciated, We hope to live in Henley Beach with our Daughter and her Boyfriend. for a few months. Thanks Regards James/Sally
  9. james0070

    Hi all

    Thank you
  10. james0070

    Hi all

    My Wife, Sally and I James, have applied for a parent contribution visa in June 2015, our Daughter Leanne who lives in Adelaide suggested we join this site, so we can meet some wonderful people who have Emigrated to Adelaide. Leanne said, that when her and her partner Simon was waiting for their visa to be granted, they spent a lot of time talking to people on this site and found loads of valuable information. So here we are, looking forward to talking to and hopefully making lots of friends. We hope to be coming out in April/June 2017, at the moment I am an HGV driver for a supermarket chain and Sally is a Care worker in the community. That's a bit about us, hope to speak soon. Mr & Mrs James Griffiths.
  11. james0070

    H C Driving Job

    A Parent Visa hopefully, Don't mind taking a test. How much any idea ?
  12. james0070

    Visa (173) (143)

    Hi, we are thinking of applying for the CPV 173 then hopefully apply for the CPV 143 at a later date, I am thinking what would happen if the 2 years were up before We were granted the CPV 143. Thanks Regards James & Sally hoping to move to Adelaide.
  13. james0070

    H C Driving Job

    Hi all, my wife Sally and I James, would love to come and live close to our Daughter in Adelaide, I have a H G V licence and was wondering what the Job situation is like there for drivers. Thanks Regards James
  14. james0070

    H G V Driving

    Hi All could someone tell me what I would have to do, to change my UK HGV Licence to the equivalent of an Australian one ? An H C Licence.

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