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  1. We are moving to Adelaide in January and I want to make sure we get a rental property asap when we get there. What documents do you need to show for renting a house? Thanks Steph
  2. What is the best approach to take when moving to Adelaide and start looking for somewhere to rent? What are the best websites and popular estate agents? what did other people do to find their rental home? Thanks Steph
  3. Hello We are moving to adelaide in January from the UK and we don't know where we will be living yet, but basically we hope to arrive not long after new year and start renting somewhere when we have had time to explore areas and see where we would like to live. How long did it take others from moving to their children starting school, my daughter will be 6 and I would like her to start when the new term starts after the Christmas break? Did anyone have any difficulties getting into a primary school, was it straightforward? Also primary school recommendations would be great, we're thinking of moving to one of the beach suburbs e.g. brighton but open to suggestions! Thanks Steph
  4. Hello! My OH has just got a new job offer so we are moving to Adelaide from the UK in January! I have never been and would really appreciate some advice for where to live! We have a daughter who will be 6 and so need to be near a good state primary school, we would like to be within easy reach of a nice beach (not necessarily beachfront but within a 15 minute drive would be nice) and need good transport links in to the city. Also it needs to be not crazy expensive! Some places I've read about include Brighton and surrounding suburbs and Glenelg (but this might be too pricey for us). Any help would be fab! Thanks!

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