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  1. 189 visa submitted

    #givemepatience to respond to your question it has to be acro police check for visa and them fit2work for aphra ... Real pain
  2. Menatl Health Nurse jobs

    @kestrel do you have any tips to prepare for working down under? Also what does the practicals involved ?
  3. Menatl Health Nurse jobs

    Thanks for your positive reply @kestrel are you mental health nursing? We are getting so close to getting the visa with Medicals and police checks now done it's getting very real. Will check out the agency. Thanks
  4. 189 visa submitted

    That's the medical booked for 4th December 2015 so will need to get on now and do the online police check. Becks I haven't done the aprha yet just sorting everything out. I didn't realise all the documents I sent to ANMAC wasn't forwarded onto aprha so having to get them all signed again! For the police check for visa I was told to you however when I looked into the aprha they use a different company for police checks - what did you do?? Kyliedonut - we aren't actually ready to move until pete finishes his nurse training next aug/sept so this has come around way to quickly for us!! but so excited that the end is near!! Im a mental health nurse and so will pete be. Have to say we are both buzzing right now with excited and now panic!! Just need to got on with aprha for me initially as pete will have to wait until he gets his pin number. Any advice would be appreciated. Did you send the original documents of the syllabus and certificate of qualification?? Good luck to you both too.
  5. 189 visa submitted

    Got an email today to say we have been allocated a case officer. Really didn't expect it so quickly as the money didn't come out of our account that long ago (5th November!). Rush on now to get medicals and police check !
  6. 189 visa submitted

    We feel we are so close. The immigration agents expects it will be granted early next year. Just need to wait for them to let us know when to get police and medical checks. Trying to be patient but it's hard!! Really want to be over this time next year.
  7. 189 visa submitted

    Whoop whoop that's the visa application submitted - now for the 9-11week wait for a co to be allocated and onto the next stage of medicals and police checks:wink: this may be our last Christmas in Scotland!!:xmas13::xmas10:
  8. Hello - meet up anyone ??

    It's good to hear other people's experience. Our girls talk about moving all the time but not sure they understand the enormity of it all. As you say time will tell. Xx
  9. Hello - meet up anyone ??

    Thanks snifter I have a tendency to over think situations but your right if we can settle the girls it will be easier all round...... Just want this to work for us as a family.***
  10. Hello - meet up anyone ??

    Thanks for your reply. Will definately give you a shout when we arrive,I think the sooner the girls settle the sooner i will.
  11. 189 visa validation?

    Hi Snifter, We visited Aldinga when we were over and were luck as our friends have a house there to rent short term. Its all ready to move in and with no hassle with references etc. As you say Aldinga is a bit of a drive from Adelaide but short term we don't mind. At moment our ideal situation would be to get work in Noarlunga, and live there, Willunga or McLaren vale however time will tell if this is where we settle. So many unknowns....However I have to say advice from people like yourself is absolutely invaluable:biggrin: Cheers Petea and Niccy
  12. 189 visa validation?

    Hi Shifter, thank you for the thorough reply. I think it's looking like we'll be heading over the once so will check out schools etc when we make the big move. We have. Rental in Alginga organised so Will check stuff out from there.
  13. Hello - meet up anyone ??

    Hi Emma can I ask how yours kids are settling in. My girls are the same age at the moment as yours. We plan to move in a year so girls will be 5 & 9. I'm anxious about how easy it is for them to settle in to a different lifestyle and going to a new school. Thanks niccy
  14. 189 visa validation?

    Exciting times. Just been notified that we have been invited to apply for a 189 Skilled Independent Visa. Now onto the next stage of this rollercoaster.
  15. 189 visa validation?

    I should have searched the site before posting. I think I have found my answer... Pete