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  1. tilly88


    Thankyou :-)
  2. Ye we now have somewhere hid mum sorted a holiday home for us so it's a lot off our shoulders
  3. Thanks for the replys guys we now have a little more time my partners mother has sorted out some holiday home thing for us and yes John B he is 6ft 10 he's a big boy indeed :-) I keep offering to chop him off at the knee as um 5ft it's like little and large but he declines my offer every time lol
  4. We arrive on 31st March so only just before you :-)
  5. tilly88


    I'm aiming to do my driving test over there its just a backup plan as I ride a bike
  6. tilly88


    Thankyou :-)
  7. Thanks for that info ye I'm hoping she is successful :-( once we are moved I don't want to keep doing it
  8. tilly88


    It is transport rammygirl it's compulsory bike test so you can ride a 50cc scooter up to a 125cc. Can you leave it where it is as it's transport?
  9. tilly88


    You work in health care :-). It also stands for compulsory bike test :-)
  10. Hey my partner and I are moving to adelaide on 31st March we will need everything including a car but after somthing big as my fella is 6ft 10
  11. So I have the coil and I was getting it removed before coming out but now not. I know the process for it here and how straight forward it is what is the process there and hoe much does it cost?
  12. tilly88


    Hi there I've done my cbt in the UK is this recognised in oz?
  13. Sorry my bad, my partners mother is over there so she can view the property ect, unfurnished, and preferably long term is what we need really. My partner looked at holiday homes and yes they are expensive it's just not quite worth it. Thank you for your reply :-)
  14. Hi james any chance you still have this car and a photo of it? We arrive soon and need a car :-)
  15. Hi there guys and girls, new to this site but hoping you can help. My partner and I are arriving in adelaide on 31st March we urgently need a house 2 bedrooms and pet friendly, thinking marion way or morphet Vale so ye any help would be awsome thankyou [emoji3]
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