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  1. I got your point i.e. 1. I should not try to adjust my daughters in advance classes. 2. I should try to approach Mitcham directly for my Sep 2002 daughter (will be 14 in Sep 2016) 3. I should focus on good primary school and the suburb accordingly, as Mitcham is unzoned. Thanks for all the advice. I am honoured
  2. My second one will be 12 on 01 Sep 16. Is the admission strictly age based? or if she qualifies for higher class she can be taken in class 8 directly?
  3. Thanks a lot for all details. However, as both my high school kids are girls of ages 14 and 12, they are more tilted towards going to 'All Girls School', which is Mitcham in case of Adelaide. Its website says it is unzoned school, so I believe there is no restriction of location to enroll in that school. My third daughter is 7 years, so if these 2 are admitted in Mitcham, then I can look for a better primary school. However, Mitcham is also closed for 2016. Someone was telling me that this 'Admission Closed' status does not apply for newly migrated families, and school within the zone has to accommodate them anyway. Can you please confirm?
  4. Hi everyone! We are moving to Adelaide in September. I have 3 daughters, 2 of them are of high school age. Our foremost preference is to get them to the best government school. We can select the suburb according to the schools selection. However, most of the top rated schools have closed for 2016. Can anyone suggest what should we do. Thanks
  5. Faisal

    Moving to Adelaide plan

    Dear Tamara, Thanks for your guidelines. For the vehicle, I would like to share with all of you what I have in my mind. To avoid taxi or car rental, I would prefer to purchase a car even before arriving in Adelaide through the gumtree or other sites. Is it advisable? I have a friend in Melbourne also who knows much about vehicles. What if I ask him to buy me a car and then drive it to Adelaide. Will it have any registration issues? I also want to know if buying car from Adelaide is better, or from Melbourne? Waiting for the advice from all please.
  6. Faisal

    Moving to Adelaide plan

    Thanks for your detail explanation. I will surely follow your guidelines.
  7. Faisal

    Moving to Adelaide plan

    You are right. For the long term rental, I also prefer to view all considerations personally before finalizing, however, for a month, this risk can be taken.
  8. Faisal

    Moving to Adelaide plan

    Hi everyone! I, along with my wife and 4 kids, are planning to move permanently to Adelaide in September 16. We are planning to take temporary beach house outside city area for a month and then start searching for the rented house physically once landed in the beach house. Can anyone please guide me: 1. Can the accommodation be rented for one month before arriving at the city? 2. Is any place easily available (furnished) for one month only? 3. Is it advisable to search for long term rental house after actually reached there? Looking for your expert opinions please.

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