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  1. Thank you for your response. In the UK my girls attend private school but this was due to the poor choice of schools available to us due to our location, we chose private school as an option rather than moving as we loved our house. So i wouldn't rule out private school however both my daughters have expressed a desire to attend a school close to where we will live and where they will be able to walk to their classmates houses if that makes sense. Although they love the private school they currently attend and the education standards are excellent they are limited in subject choices due to the size of the school. I myself went to a state school in a poor area when many children where simply not interested in being there, luckily they separated the children so that those who wanted to learn could do so without interruption. When we last visited Adelaide in 2015 they was a couple of areas that we really liked, these are and the reasons - Christies Beach - we spent quite a few evenings enjoying the sunset and meeting up with friends at cafes, I also liked the main street with the range of shops that it had with the closeness to Noarlunga for public transport. Slightly concerned about the reviews for Christies Beach HS Port Noarlunga South - this was a lovely part of town and felt like it had a great family feel Moana & Aldinga Beach - Great beach side suburbs but possibly a little too isolated for my daughters Aberfoyle Park - Could not fault this area from what i saw, enjoyed a lovely meal at the Hub but children want to be closer to the beach Hallet Cove - lovely area, my concern was the hills as we enjoy going out for a walk after dinner with the dogs so not sure that this would be possible without driving first I have also considered Mitchum Girls School, does anyone have any information on this school?
  2. Bubbles

    Christies Beach or not?

    So when we visited Adelaide April 2015 we spent a lot of time in Christies Beach and fell in love with the area, the beach and the cafes. However I have 2 children to consider (13 & 10) and need to consider schooling. I have read plenty of negative posts re Christies Beach HS and not much in the way that is positive. We did also look at areas such as Hallet Cove, Seafield Heights, Aldinga Beach and Aberfoyle Park. I am not decided on the whole hills or beach living, I have never lived anywhere under a 90 minute drive from a beach so it would be nice to give it a try. We also like to walk to local parks and to the local shops rather than taking a car and therefore Hallet Cove lost points due to the steepness of some of the hills. I appreciate that all areas have good and bad parts and that there is crime everywhere. I guess what I am looking for is any recent or positive feedback on Christies Beach High? I have friends who have children at Hallet Cove R-12 and are very positive about it. I know we could still have a look around when we do arrive in October but that was what last years trip was about however it has left me confused. I can however say that at no point did I ever feel like I was in an area that I would never consider and was really pleased with everywhere we saw. Is there any areas that should be avoided at all costs? Thanks
  3. Hi there We are hopefully heading over October/November time just waiting on house sale going through and a few other bits an pieces to be finalised. Will be bringing 2 Girls (10 & 14) with me. I believe my 10yr old will be going into Yr5 when we arrive. Now younger daughter is very sporty and in school teams for swimming/athletics and hockey. My biggest concern for her is to get her into a school with an excellent sporting programme particularly athletics. If any one can offer advice on schools which these sort of programs that would be much appreciated. We visited Adelaide last Easter and fell in love with the city. I would prefer to live south of the CBD but really have no preference as to hills or beach. TIA x

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