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  1. Usher1977

    457 to PR still possible?

    Thanks, I think I will. Probably set my mind at ease too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Usher1977

    457 to PR still possible?

    Hi Mr.mrswest, My problem is my 457 visa runs out 16 days prior to me completing 2 years employment which as I understand it is a pre-requisite to applying for PR. If they've abolished the 457 where do I stand when mine runs out. I'm thinking maybe I'll have to apply for the 4 year visa but that my 2 years worked already might be taken into account. It's suddenly become very stressful!!! : ( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi all, I'm currently working as a loss adjuster on a 457 visa and want to transition to PR however my visa expires 16 days prior to having complete 2 years with my employer. Does anyone know how the abolishment of the 457 will affect me? Will I have to apply for the new 4 year visa (no PR option with the new 2 year visa) or will I be able to apply for a bridging visa? Thanks Phil
  4. Usher1977

    Best Internet Provider for Glenelg East?

    Thanks for the tip.
  5. Usher1977

    Best Internet Provider for Glenelg East?

    Thanks for the tip! You say there's no significant buffering suggesting it does buffer sometimes? Is this correct?
  6. Hi All, I'm moving to Glenelg East next week and was wondering if anyone had any advice for the best ISP for the area. Id like a provider with a download speed sufficient to be able to stream movies on Netflix without constant buffering. There seems to be a lot of negative comments online about every provider I look into! Aarrgh! Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. Cheers. Phil
  7. Usher1977

    457 visa - request for further info

    Hi Caroline, I just woke up to an email granting me my Visa! Phew! Lots to arrange in the next five weeks!!!
  8. Usher1977

    457 visa - request for further info

    Thanks for the advice Caroline. I've got HR in Sydney on the case now. They said they "look into it". It was on the back of HR getting involved that prompted my first response from the immigration department so hopefully they can work their magic again!
  9. Hi. After a 7 week wait I finally received contact from the immigration department but just to request further info. They requested a document that I had already attached! I obviously replied straight away. Has anyone recently been through the 457 process and knows roughly how long this will delay the visa by? Or how long it was from their experience anyway. Thank you.
  10. Usher1977

    Newbies from Wales making the big move...lots of ?

    Hi Bazandjess, I too am moving from Wales (Cardiff) and will be landing sometime early November. I'm 39 and making the move by myself. The company I work for is global so the opportunity arose to move so I took it. It'd be good to keep in touch once we're both in Adelaide to see how things are going. cheers Phil
  11. Hi Snifter, Thanks for such a comprehensive response I really appreciate it. I do like the look of Norwood. I'd like to be close to somewhere like the parade so this area looks great. Do you have any thoughts on Parkside and Unley. Seems to be some quite nice (and affordable) two bed old style cottages there. Is this a nice area? I think I'd prefer to be closer to the CBD than the beach. Thanks so much again for your response. Phil
  12. Hi Tamara, Thanks for your advice. I'll widen my search radius I think. Do you have any advice regarding the salary they have offered. Would it be considered low? The same position in Sydney offers 85k but the company I work for has told me that, that is a "Sydney" salary and Adelaide is a cheaper place to live. I know Adelaide is cheaper but is it really 12.5k cheaper? I need to be confident that I'm being offered a fair salary. You know what these big corporates are like! I don't want my lack of knowledge being exploited. Ha Ha.
  13. Hi Nic, Thanks for replying. Sorry, yes I meant $2.5k a month! Would you be able to recommend any apartments In the CBD? My main concern is that they are more than likely part residential and partly tourist accommodation. I'd hate to be living in an apartment that was next to one that was occupied with holiday makers who may not be considerate of residents i.e partying on their balconies of a weekend. Thanks again for your reply!
  14. Hi. I've recently been offered a position in Adelaide as an insurance loss adjuster. The salary they have offered is $72,500.00 however I have nothing to compare this against as I don't know anyone in Australia already doing the job. Not sure if anyone has any insight into the typical salary for this type of role? I'm on £37,000.00 in the uk so generally speaking would this salary afford me a comparable degree of comfort / lifestyle? Ive had a look at rental properties on Realestate.com and Domian.com and to afford something I think I'd be comfortable living in (i.e not a flat/apartment) I'd have to spend around £2,500.00 a month (unfurnished) which seems quite high. I've been mainly focusing my search on the CBD and suburbs close to the CBD. I'm a single man (39) so I don't want to be too isolated and alone in my first few months / year but if there is a suburb a bit further out that does have a bit more too it then I would consider it. Sorry for for all the questions but this is a massive decision and one I don't want to make unless I feel I'm completely informed. Any other general advice would also be greatly appreciated!

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