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  1. FREE - Does anyone need strong cardboard cartons we have quite a few. We are in Morphett Vale 5162 Pam
  2. Thanks for your reply Andy Yes we already receive these pensions they go into our bank accounts in the UK. We have been retired for the last 5 years. We were granted the bridging visas in August 2017. Thank you Pam
  3. We are in Australia on a bridging visa is it advisable to transfer our pensions to Australia. We are both retired and get state and company pensions. We would like to leave our pensions in the UK and bring them out as and when we need the money over here is this advisable. Would be grateful for any advice that anyone can give us. We have always found this site very useful for advice so will look forward to your replies and advice thank you Pam
  4. Hi Snifter Thank you for the info. What it is - we are on a bridging visa which will eventually tie up with the Age Parent Visa. We went to Centrelink who have given us some info and a website to go into to see if we are entitled to any concession on bus and rail travel and also for medicines. We are here from the UK so we get reciprocal medical help. I do appreciate you trying to help us so if you have any further info this would be most helpful and gratefully received. Thank you once again Pam
  5. Can anyone please advice if we would be entitled to bus and rail concession travel we are here in Adelaide on an Aged Parent Visa. Thank you Pam
  6. Thanks Cliffy and Tamara Pam
  7. Thank you Tamara for this info. will get an application in have a great weekend Pam
  8. I am travelling on a tourist visa can I open a bank account so that I have funds for my stay Thanks
  9. Pamela


    Visiting Australia on a 3 month visa in case I have to extend my stay when in Australia can I do this on the 3 month visa and is there a cost involved?
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