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  1. Hello. I have recently arrived in Adelaide and moved to the Henley Beach South area. My wife and kids (14yo daughter & 8yo son) join me on the 8th Feb. Does anyone live in the area? Does anyone have teenage daughters? Did they find it easy to settle? Did they make new friends quickly and easily? I know she will be fine, but I also know she will miss her friends in the UK, and I want to know it will be OK. Any help or advice would be appreciated!
  2. I'm applying for a 190 Visa and my Skills Assessment took 7 weeks. Early March to end of April
  3. Smudger

    Fingers crossed!

    Thanks Blossom. Can anyone shed any light on the need for Form 80. We got our state nomination result back today and the migration agent we are using has sent a draft of the visa application, but makes mention of the possibility of needing to complete Form 80. Happy to complete any form, but should I just complete it ready, just in case? What is the likelihood?
  4. Smudger

    Fingers crossed!

    Thanks Flossybeth, such an open ended question is always going to be difficult to answer, but it will be fine whatever I am sure! Thanks Curly, hopefully coming over on a Laboratory Manager skill.
  5. Smudger

    Fingers crossed!

    Hello everyone, My family and I have started the process of applying to move to Adelaide on a 190 visa. Skills Assessment came back positive after 7 weeks, IELTS scores more than adequate and now the EOI is in. I guess the next stages are state nomination and visa application? Could anyone tell me the approximate timings for the EOI, state nomination and then visa? How long is a piece of string, I know, but approximate timings would be appreciated. Fingers crossed and hopefully we'll be asking for much more advice!

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