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  1. Hi Everyone! Myself and my family (partner and son and daughter) arrived here on 29th December 2016. We had just 4 weeks to sort a house rental, school, preschool etc and try and find work. ....... Well the kid's have settled which is great! But me and my partner are struggling a little. It's been really hard for me to find part time work that fits around the kid's, etc as childcare is just so unaffordable right now. I think a lot of my problems have been with my visa 489 (skilled state sponsored ) temporary visa. My partner is a bricklayer and as long as we both work for 12 consecutive months, after 2 years we can apply for permanent residency. - which is what we want to do, but because we're temporary at the moment it seems to go against us..... Anyway, if anyone has any advicethey can give us? Or has anyone been in a similar situation? It would be great to connect with other brits too, and hear your experiences. Thanks! Natalie