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  1. Carioca

    Short term lettings

    Hi Guys, Mrs and I (plus 2 small children) are going to Adelaide next Saturday (10th Feb) for a two weeks reccie before returning the to UK. These two weeks are sorted via Airbnb but I am considering coming back to Adelaide on my own soon after to look for work while Mrs B handles sale of house before bringing out kids to join me. Current thoughts - I would take a room/short term lodging in a house while looking for work, and then family would come out for another short term letting while we look for a longer term rental in Henley Beach (we want to get the Henley Primary School catchment area). There are other variations on this theme depending on feedback I get from recruiters, job apps and the house sale, but this is the current train of thought. We are there in ten days now, so just wanted to get any suggestions as to specialist agents or any people to visit while we are there to get a better understanding of how things work? Appreciate any thought or suggestions. Many Thanks in advance, H Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  2. Carioca

    House prices

    Ah, I hadn't seen the sold option. Obviously had been using this and also Domain website. Must have just missed the sold bit. Yes - stamp duty... urgh. Thanks for the reminder!! Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  3. Carioca

    House prices

    Hi Guys, Quick Q for those in the know. Is there a decent way to see what price houses go for in an area? Here in the UK you can go to rightmove or Zoopla and get a good idea (you can even see how much your neighbour paid for their place). Anyway, I see a lot of property sells at auction, or has POA on the advert. What is the best way to get an idea how far your money will take you? From what I see, houses don't seem to be cheap - and I live near London! We will rent to begin with, but curious to see if we can afford to buy in the area we are looking at renting (Henley Beach). Many thanks for the help! Background: Couple 2 kids (4&3) Visa app submitted mid-June Possible move Apr 18 Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Everyone, Have read plenty on the forum so I see this is a fountain of information for newcomers. We just received our invite to apply, so now the final bits of paperwork to go. We are kind of starting from zero. Looking to move in time to catch the start of the new academic year so my children don't get held back. Having been a member of various forums over the years, I won't bombard with questions in this thread but slowly pick my way through existing posts to only ask new/different questions. I have enjoyed reading about everyone's experiences. My wife is Brazilian so don't know if there are any Brazilians on this forum (unlikely given it is "Poms in Ad"). After ten years in England she needs to move to a better climate, but family friendly and safe. Not in a "spider, snake, shark" kind of way, but a "not get shot at the traffic lights" kind of way as in her native Sao Paulo. Our children are also much better behaved when living outdoors, and more open to eating new and healthy foods. So this is also for their benefit (despite being English I was luck enough to be brought up in hot places and I much prefered it to the UK!). Anyway, fingers crossed we are doing the right thing!! Just need to decide where to live, how to get my children in school, how to get a job, whether I bring my motorbike out, sell my house, etc etc etc!! All good fun. Hugo Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  5. Hi Guys, Brief introduction. Family of four. Wife, 4yr and 3yr old and I. Qualified accountant (CIMA) 8yrs post qual (property and investment banking specialist). Moving from London to Adelaide. We received our 190 invite so now just paperwork, police and medical tests to go but hoping to make the move around Dec/Jan in time for new academic year. Wife is Brazilian and desperate to move somewhere warm and welcoming after 10yrs in London. Adelaide was the perfect choice and they needed finance managers! Any indication for strength of CFO/COO market/availability? I am starting my networking now with recruiters but any advice or introductions would be well received!! Many thanks in advance for any tips and guidance. Hugo Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk

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