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  1. Phil-S

    When can I get a Mortgage

    Thanks for the quick response Andrew,
  2. Hello - I've just found out that SA will provide state sponsorship for me, so should be moving over at some point later this year. I work in IT as a Project Manager, so could end up working as a contractor or as a permanent employee. I'll be on a 489 Visa, and want to know when I'd be able to get a mortgage as either a self employed worker or as a permanent employee. Can anyone recommend someone to speak to or does anyone know the answer?
  3. Hello, Does anyone know whether you can obtain National Police Clearance without being a citizen - can you obtain it whilst on a working visa? If so - does it matter which type of visa you have? Thanks in advance Phil
  4. Hello all - great to have all your comments, sorry for the delay in getting back... Well - all I can ask is that we keep in touch on this topic - as people move and experience life in Adelaide please let us know how the job market seems. My wife and I are considering Melbourne now as an alternative - purely as a stepping stone to Adelaide, thinking if we secure employment and citizenship over there, then it may mean it might be easier securing a role in Adelaide a little down the line It's not an ideal situation for us, we've got a couple of young kids so moving them each time is tough on them - still weighing it up So please - keep in touch and if you hear of anyone looking for experienced IT Project Managers, then post it up Phil
  5. seems I can't PM you for some reason - never mind, ,I'm sure others will benefit from hearing about your experiences too
  6. Hi Sean, Thanks for getting back to me - it would be great to keep in touch, to hear about your experiences. I'd also be interested in chatting with you regarding your experiences as a contractor over there - I'll PM you
  7. Hi, I'm in the process of visa application, I'm an IT Project Manager, manage fairly large IT integration projects in the UK. Looking around on the job sites there doesn't seem to be that many opportunities - I'd be happy contracting or with a permanent role - can anyone advise what the market is like right now?