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  1. G & L Truck training in Wingfeild they were pretty good to be fair
  2. I've been in SA for nearly 3 years now. I was a truck mechanic in the uk for around 20 years working for a farm feed co running bulk tippers , when I got here I did my truck licence a week after I landed and that cost $1900 which is a lot of cash but I feel that it was well worth it as lots of jobs require one especially in the mines. I applied for a load of jobs in the first couple of weeks but didn't hear back of any of them so printed a pile of cv's of and went around the dealers the first one I went to (volvo) offered me a start but then once I started the phone started ringing with offers of interviews for the ones I applied for earlier , they don't move very quickly here. After 3 months I left to work for a earthmoving company who were frankly a bunch of muppets ! But I did get some experience on diggers & such like . For the last 2 years I have been working liebherr as a field service tech which is a good job , but I've just handed in my notice to try a fly in fly out job I've been offered . Wish me luck . I think if you are confident at an interview then you will get offered most jobs but luck plays a part .hope it works out for you
  3. steffij

    Truck mechanics

    Hi kicker we moved out here in nov 2011 as a family of four. I worked as a diesel fitter in the uk for a grain / feed co who ran a fleet of around 70 bulk tippers. I found work at the Volvo dealer the second week we got here but only lasted 3 months as they couldn't offer much overtime but the job was ok however the standards out here are a joke with no annual tests at all ,and some of the trucks are ancient . Then I stared work for a earthmoving co where I all sorts including trucks, all sorts of plant and small vehicles .after another 6 months I moved on again to work for liebherr as a field service tech which is very different to what I did in the uk ,but the money is better on plant out here than on trucks .if you pm me your phone no I would be happy to fill you in a bit more . Steve
  4. steffij

    Whats its like living in Hallett Cove?

    I think it's such a shame that when someone asks for an opinion on a certain area, you then sadly get a few people just jumping on and having a bitch. If you have negative things to say why not try to be constructive as well? We all want and need different things from the places we live in, and all places have good and bad points. We live in Seaford Rise and although its not everyones cup of tea, personally for us we love it, its close to fantastic beaches, vineyards and not far to the city if we want it, but I can also see how people would see the benefits of living closer to the city. As for their being a lot of Brits here, yes there are but there are also a lot of Australians, don't really see why it is a problem for some there being a lot of Brits here, after all that's what we all are on this forum.
  5. Thanks everyone for all your advice it really does help! Colleen&Darren I have sent you a pm. I also took him to the skate park in PN south tonight and there were a few other kids there, we'll get there eventually!!
  6. Hi everyone, we arrived just over 3 weeks ago and our 12 (nearly 13) year old is really struggling without all his friends. He started Seaford 6-12 this week but has been put in a class with kids all a year or so older than him! I think he is feeling a little bit scared and intimidated by that and would love to meet some kids the same age. He is into bmxin and his scooter and is loving going down to the beach with his body board!! He played soccer as well in the UK. Don't think it's helping that his younger brother has started Seaford Rise primary and is loving it and made loads of new friends already. Hormones and green eyed monster are not a great combo are they??!! Any help or advice gladly received!!!!
  7. steffij

    any 12 yr olds livin in port noarlunga??

    Hi Paula, this is Stef Tom's Mum!! Tom started Seaford 6-12 this week and is really struggling at the moment because they have put him in a class (B19) with year 8's so all way older than him. Is there any advice Chris could give him on how he can meet up with some kids his own age at recess?
  8. steffij

    1 week update!

    It's fab isn't it?! We have just put an application in for a house down your way so keeping fingers crossed we have good news, but we are playing it safe and going to look at loads more just in case! We are hoping to get the boys to Moana surf club this weekend so that they can start meeting some other kids.
  9. steffij

    1 week update!

    Thank you for that, I will get Steve to have a look later, he is just dropping his resume into a few places at Lonsdale at the mo, fingers crossed something comes out of it!!
  10. steffij

    1 week update!

    We have finally arrived!! Got here last Wednesday morning, flew with Singapore Airlines who I thought were very good. We are now staying in Port Noarlunga in Tamara's house on Irvine Street, and it is lovely. We had a manic day on Thursday getting bank account activated, tfn number medicare etc etc., then went looking for a car on Friday. We knew the second hand cars were expensive before we got here, but it is a bit of a shocker when you see what you can get for your $$$ !!! We went with the intention of spending approx $3500-$4000 on a small run around....... came back with a Holden Commodore 3.8ltr V6 beast that cost nearer $6000!!! What can I say....the boys all ganged up on me! But it does sound nice!! Saturday and Sunday we just chilled out and let the boys decide what to do as they had been so good while we were sorting all the boring stuff out, so we spent alot of the time by the jetty in Noarlunga which is just gorgeous. Also have driven around alot of the suburbs that we have been considering to live permanently ( well for the next couple of years at least ) and have to say we are now just looking at Port Noarlunga and Seaford areas, although Noarlunga is probably our favourite. Monday morning Steve started looking for a job, he is a Truck Mechanic and there seems alot of jobs available but mainly in the Northern suburbs so we won't rush anything as he would prefer to work closer to here. He signed on with an agency after doing a couple of drive arounds and speaking to a few people and we are keeping fingers crossed to hear something in the next day or two. Yesterday we took the hire car back and called back in Glenelg for a look around, beautiful beach etc and a nice place to go for a day out with the family. Then went for our first house viewing... lovely house, nice area but way too small for us, the second one this afternoon was perfect but perhaps not the perfect location..... this could take longer than I thought!!!! Off to see Seaford school with the boys today whiel Steve is up North doing his HC course! All in all so far so good!!!! Just need to get the boys sorted and making friends now and life will be cushty!
  11. steffij

    One Doggie Down

    Hi Jane & Tony I can sympathise. We re-homed our beautiful 5 year old golden retriever Daisy ( she has gone to live with my parents ) and it is honestly the hardest thing I have ever had to do!! We couldn't mention her name the first few weeks without me bawling, and 6 weeks on it's improved, but not much! I suppose it's hard because I still see her when I go to see my parents which probably isn't helping! On the plus side she is very very happy and settled with them and my Mum says Dad is happier these days so win win for them. On the plus side for me, saying goodbye to family and friends when we go in a few weeks will not be as hard I don't think!! Stef
  12. Thank you all for you replies, Stef:wubclub:
  13. steffij

    Singapore Airlines question

    Hi Lisa I have sent you a PM with email address, thank you! Stef:wubclub:
  14. Hi Just wondering what people's opinion is on whether it is worth bringing the tumble dryer with us?? And if there is anything else in particular people wish they had brought or anything that is a waste of time?? Thank you, Stef:smile:
  15. Hi everyone, we have booked our flights with Singapore airlines and on the tickets it says 20kg per person, but we have been told we are allowed 40kg each. When I rang them they said that we are entitled for 40kg each as long as we have visa labels in passport ( which we do) but they won't send me an email stating this. My question is has anyone else had this experience and has it been ok for the 40kilos each when you check in, we are a little worried that we will get to the check in desk with 40 each and they'll try to charge us for the extra!!! Thanks, Stef:wubclub:

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