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  1. RhianE

    Young Hopefulls

    Hi Dan, Definately not to old! it would be great to meet up when we come over in November, it would certainly make the move easier if we can have a few familiar faces around if we took the plunge
  2. RhianE

    Young Hopefulls

    Hi there, My name is Rhian, my partner and I Abi are coming to Adelaide in November 18 we have friends already living there and we are hoping to like it enough to make the move. We would both qualify for skilled migrant as we are both child care qualified. I am 25 and my partner is 23 although we will both have our birthdays before we make our initial trip. it would be great to hear from people like who have made the move, and if anybody is open to meeting up with us to have a chat about things that would be amazing. Thanks guys we look forward to speaking to you

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