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  1. TandT

    Hello :-)

    @scooterdan Partner's work is arranging the temporary accommodation so we're waiting for them to let us know. I imagine it will most likely be somewhere central as his main office will be in the city centre. In terms of work locations - I don't know yet and will need to weigh this up at a later date - I imagine I'll have to base jobs on where we live/where I can commute to on public transport. Partner's main office is the city centre but he will probably be working from other (as yet unknown) locations. I think we'll try and base living area on what serves us best generally and his various work commutes, then I'll look for work afterwards. Can I ask where you chose to live and why? If you don't mind saying. Did you ever consider living in/very near the city centre (if you don't)? And yes I'm sure we'd like to meet up once we're there - we'll keep in touch!
  2. TandT

    Hello :-)

    Thanks both! I will be sure to take a look at the Facebook page, and we'll revisit this idea once we've got to Adelaide in early August and then we'll be able to commit to dates. I imagine the first couple of weeks will be taken up with us getting set up and finding out how best to get around etc. We will have temporary accommodation but will need to find somewhere of our own to move in to, so I'm sure this forum will help with that (info on suburbs etc). We are a couple in our early 30s with no kids, so it would be great to meet others in the same situation but we aren't too fussy really! Thanks again for your replies.
  3. TandT

    Hello :-)

    Hi everyone, Thought we would sign up here as we are moving to Adelaide in early August. We don't know anyone in Adelaide and haven't actually even visited before - we've been to Australia and travelled around for a few months in 2011 and 2016 but never made it to Adelaide for some reason! The reason for the location is that my partner's work is based there. Just thought I would say hello and hope to make use of these forums as we go. There are a few things we still have left to sort out - and we are hoping to leave the UK in mid-July to do some travels en-route so we don't have heaps of time - but we are looking forward to it. I wonder if anyone knows as well whether social events/coffees etc are often arranged through these forums? It would be good to meet up with others in the same situation once in Adelaide - or even before, although that's probably unlikely! Thanks :-)

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