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  1. Not great news for the pound. UK economy slowed down more than expected in first quarter - part of the reason has been higher inflation impacting consumer spending.
  2. Poor retail sales figures in Australia have weakened the Australian dollar.
  3. Pound still strong so far this weekend against the Aussie dollar.
  4. Will depend on economic and political events, lot of things going on which may impact the exchange rate.
  5. Hi everyone This thread will provide updates on the pound and Australian dollar. A round up of the latest news from the past weak is below. In an unusually quiet week the biggest half-dozen currencies moved by less than 1% against one another. Sterling covered a range of one and a half cents against the Aussie, strengthening by three quarters of a cent. The Australian economic data were a mixed bag, with rising new home sales, private sector lending steady and AiG's performance of manufacturing index for October slipping further into the contraction zone at 43.6. It has been below the 50.0 boom/bust dividing line since April. Thanks John