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    Advice needed

    Just wanted to post an update. We'll I came over for a week last month to meet the company I'll be working for. All very positive and can't wait to move now. (just wish the house would sell quicker. Just waiting our Visa to process (hopefully Feb) then we'll be over in a flash. I think we'll follow suit and get a Air bnb for a few weeks then a short term rental around Glenelg up to West beach area in order to find a place to settle. Our little ones don't start school until 2020 so have time to find out where suits us best. Thanks for the advice Snifter,
  2. Tom C

    Advice needed

    Thanks Snifter, Great advice. Since me posting this, things have developed quite a bit. We are working with 2 registered migration companies. One based in UK and one out of Aus who specialises in Employment sponsorship. There is a route to PR, which is awesome news as that was my major concern. Its a bit tedious but doable. We would go on a 482 and then apply for a 187 as SA is classed as regional Australia, therefor i'm not limited to the short term 482 to PR rule. I've also had a job offer so it looks like we are moving shortly. We just need to get the visa process rolling now and hopefully be over in 3/4 months. We did think about renting our house but the capital will aid us with the move and set up while were there (possible mortgage deposit once we get PR). Also it may resist temptation to jump back when / if things get tough settling. We know its going to be hard but we are really excited and want to throw ourselves into it 100%. Now we just have to look at holiday lets while we settle and decide where to set up camp. I'll be working in North Adelaide so plenty of options Thanks for the advice
  3. Tom C

    Advice needed

    Morning Everyone, Been scrolling through this forum for a while now, some really useful advice, so thank you. We've been trying to make the move over to Adelaide and after a lot of work and waiting, we got enough points (80) to apply through 489 Visa on high points. Unfortunately some additional rules were added shortly after the job list was released and before we could apply, which meant we could apply as a marketing specialist through this avenue (back to square one) I was advised the best options, was to get a job offer, then I can apply through a 482 as my job is on the Short term list. Then after 6 months I could apply for PR through a 187 via direct entry stream (if no rules changed) Now I have just received a job offer, My worry is with moving over with my OH and 2 kids, I'm concerned that the rules may change and our route to PR is closed. Is it worth the risk moving over on a temporarily 482 TSS visa and hoping we should be able to get a 187 in 6 months. Has anyone had any similar experience or advice. Thanks

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