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    This is a great school, with great nurturing teachers and lots of support for kids of all abilities. I have my two sons there and they are thriving in a very hands-on environment. The curriculum is awesome and they have a very high standard with literacy and numeracy, which explain the NAPLAN results. I also wanted to emphasis that they do not prepare for the test as many private schools do. My kids come back from school inspired by science experiments they want to redo at home and talk about global warming and endangered animals... The management has been supportive whenever I have approached them. One of my sons needs extra support and has two SSO's and a learning disability specialist to help him. He is also doing letter blending exercises with the principal every day. My older son was in another private school prior to joining Montessori and that kind of support was not available... I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a tailored education for their kids in a small community, that doesn't promote themselves with glossy pamphlets and huge marketing campaign (that have nothing to do with what's actually happening inside the classroom)...

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