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  1. Ford KA for sale

    2000 Ford KA, manual, sunroof, 74,000 kms, cheap to run. Registered until March 2015, view anytime in Hallett Cove. $2,500 ono.
  2. 12ft metal frame swimming pool

    12ft metal frame swimming pool with pump and instructional DVD, only used for one Summer so excellent condition and hours of fun. $75 ono. Thanks for looking! NOW SOLD
  3. Kindergardn Hours/Cost on 457

    Hi Our daughter has just finished at Kindy and gone to school but we were paying $90 per term. She attended two full days and 3 hours every other Friday. Hope this helps. Lisa
  4. Free PIA - UK Pension Transfer Seminar

    Hi, I will be interested in attending this, could you please let me know the address of the offices, thanks. Jason
  5. beach safety, fun , fitness and socialising

    My son did it last year, loved it and has registered again this year. From a personal perspective, I also love the Saturday afternoon on the beach in the sun :-)
  6. do i need to bring my medicl records from uk

    Hi, we bought ours (and paid a fortune for them!) but the only time I used them was to show the doctor that my youngest had chicken pox when in the UK so didn't need a vaccination here. Unless you have ongoing medical issues I wouldn't bring them. Lisa
  7. Just over 2 year update!!!

    Glad to hear you enjoy it here. We have also been here just over 2 years, enjoy the lifestyle and have overcome the testing times of homesickness (not me I should add)
  8. Our 2 year update

    Glad to hear that you have settled, as like you we have been here nearly 2 years. My wife has days when she is up and down and misses her dad awfully, but on other days she enjoys the aussie lifestyle. My eldest daughter would go back to the UK given the choice, but she also enjoys her activities that she didn't do in Coventry whilst both my 11 year old daughter and 9 year old son are settled (but have the occasional day when they miss grandparents) whilsy my 3 year old has her first pre entry day at kindy tomorrow. As for myself, I love it here...
  9. PIA - Free UK Pension Transfer Seminar

    I'd be interested, as currently my pension is sitting in a SIPP in the UK. Cheers
  10. Hallett Cove R-12

    I have 3 children at the school and whilst two of them (years 5 and 6 next week) are working at the right level, I have one who wants more work and is going into year 9. Last year was their first full year at the school and despite asking for additional wotk in year 8, nothing transpired and we are hoping year 9 is gong to be more challenging for her (as this is what she also wants). Part of the problem is that at present we keep comparing back to the UK (which is the wrong thing to do as we are now here). The kids however seem settled at school and enjoy it (despite what they might say).
  11. Should we stay or go ...

    I don't think moving to another part of Australia would help, it's not that I don't like Adelaide.
  12. Should we stay or go ...

    Hi We have been here for 21 months now but I still get very very homesick, I miss my family and friends so much. Hubby is happy here but would go back if I wanted to, kids (ages 13, 11, 9 and 3) are settled but would also be happy to go back. We both have jobs here, have made friends and have bought our own house - my idea to help me settle (failed!) - but I just can't think of Adelaide as 'home'. I don't want to be sat here in 5 years time thinking we should of gone back before it was too late. Lisa
  13. Work or pleasure

    We lived in Golden Grove for our first 8 months here and came across both aussie and english families, although I'm told lots of english go to Golden Grove. Last Xmas we moved south to Hallett Cove (where you also get alot of english) and love being so close to the beach / sea. I suppose it depends what you want from moving here but the beach makes a big difference to our quality of life
  14. Kids accents

    We have been here 20 months, the kids are 13, 11, 9 and 3 and still have the english accents, although they have picked up some of the aussie sayings. The tone of the their sentances does chnage though, as the SA accent goes higher at the end of sentances.
  15. We have been in Adelaide around 18 months but haven't sorted medical cover yet and wondered if anyone had any advice about level of cover and insurance providers.


    Many Thanks