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    Citizenship Test

    Hello has anyone done their citizenship test recently Please advise what you did to revise.? Any websites? I have the book that I sent off that is free- is this sufficient? How was the test ? and are there a lot of questions? `thank you
  2. jillyg65

    Citizenship application form

    Thanks soo much. Will take a look
  3. hi there. Has anyone recently completed the citizenship application form? We are in the process of filling out the form and would like some advice for one of the questions please. It asks where have you travelled since you are 18? It wants the to and from dates. I was 38 when we moved here. So that's a pretty long time and i have done a lot of travelling. Anyone that's done it recently did you really note down every single county and travel dates? I have no chance of remembering!!!! Any advice would be amazing. Thanks in advance.
  4. jillyg65

    Agents. Any recommendations please?

    Thanks Blossom . where is he please?
  5. jillyg65


    hello Looking to go to Melbourne next March. Would like a 2 bedroom place. Any recommendations of places to stay in or near the city please? Or any recommendations at all appreciated. Many thanks
  6. Hi there I am just asking for a friend who doesn't come on here. They are on a temporary visa and they need an agent. They are not happy with the one they are using. Can anyone please recommend one that they have used and were happy with? Thanks in advance
  7. jillyg65

    FREE kitchen items/// starter bits

    All gone now!
  8. Hello if anyone has just arrived and is waiting for their container as we did. I've got a box with a few kitchen bits you're welcome to have kettle. Cutlery,dishes , cups etc,,,, I've got 4 pillows. all basic stuff from Kmart, but, just what you need to get you through I am in semaphore park, let me know if any use to you.
  9. Thanks very much. Will take a look. Sound like good prices.
  10. Am after a little play house for my 2 girls Like the little tikes play houses. perfect for the garden. they seem to be a fortune here (surprise surprise) maybe someone would like to get rid of one? let me know? something like this ::: http://direct.asda.com/Little-Tikes-Country-Cottage---Pink/000707114,default,pd.html would be interested in anything little tikes for outside thanks ​
  11. Thanks .will pass on the details.
  12. Hi.. Just posting for a friend. They have bought a car ( been Here 5 weeks) She's started work and they have realised they will need another car. So she literally wants to spend $1000. U hear of people getting old cars for this price. anyone got one? Or got any amazing ideas where and how she can get one? Thanks
  13. Garage sale is a great idea.
  14. Hello ojeelani did you get my private message? Interested in the dining table pls. and the other bits i did put in the message. Where are you based pls? I sent you my email address too. Would love photo pls. Thanks

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