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    Evening all from a rather wet and soggy Blackwood. We arrived here in Australia just over two weeks ago and have just been ‘released’ into the Adelaide wilderness from a heavy 2-week quarantine. We have an AirBnB in Blackwood for 10 weeks sorted and I have two children (12 and 9) sorted for Hawthorndene primary school. We moved from the UK for adventure and excitement as we had lived in a small town in Herefordshire (Ledbury) for 16+ years and yearned for difference and, to be honest, it’s been as different as it could ever be (in a positive experience) so I say to you all a big ‘Hello’ from myself and my children and I hoe that you all enjoy Adelaide and Australia and much as we are at the moment (2 days in, ridiculous). Much Love, Beau Vinyl

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