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  1. Pmenlove

    Short term rental required

    Thanks folks, getting a good few quotes in now and most look really good. Thanks for your help
  2. Pmenlove

    Short term rental required

    Thankyou all for your help, we have found a couple of self catering cottages now and are waiting on prices. Victor Harbour Holiday park looks cheap as chips for a visit, anybody stayed here?
  3. Pmenlove

    Short term rental required

    Looking for a holiday rental in or around Adelaide from 22nd July until 14th August 2015 for a family of 4? Will also consider Mount Gambier and Victor Harbour or other areas but not too remote. cheers Paul
  4. Pmenlove

    Happy New Year to you all

    Thank you once again, I will continue to look into it all and a wee holiday during July looks on the cards now with a view to moving in January 2017. Thank you for all your help.
  5. Pmenlove

    Happy New Year to you all

    Thank you so much Rach, this makes Jan 17 look more solid again.
  6. Pmenlove

    Happy New Year to you all

    Thank you all for this valuable insight. I teach TAFE and my wife teaches in a Nursery (both achieved through non-teaching degrees) so I suppose waiting until Jan 17 will give us time to complete some transitional qualifications such as mapping my PGCE to the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. There are working options for these jobs in Mount Gambier and across Adelaide which is good. You have already given us some good options for our holiday too, so thanks a heap - house sitting though, people do this (apologies for my ignorance here)..... I take it they have animals? My kids are 8 and 12 - hostels good for them? Any good websites for house sitting/hostels? Mount Gambier sounds appealing (we currently live in a place with 40000 people and it fits it's basic purpose) and as it has access to both cities and the cooler temperature may suit us at first. As for the rain - I have put up with constant light drizzle for the best part of my 40 years in Scotland which is truly depressing and I like the thought of it raining properly for a short time and then being sunny - in Scotland it doesn't go away for days/sometimes weeks. It's this damp climate that affects my sons health (bad asthma) so the move to Australia will suit us. Overall, this looks like a very good option and it appears that the house prices are excellent. Since yesterday, the day to day roller coaster continues though - it's good for the patience I suppose!!!!! There is now a good chance we will have another 2 young adults joining us (1 year working holiday visas) which would keep the costs down again in the early stages - shared car, split rent, food is cheaper in bulk, etc. Adelaide would probably suit them better but they may want to take up farming as I am lead to believe there are benefits to their visa if they work in agriculture - do buses run from Adelaide into the wine regions or farm land or are they better settling rurally? Is there any massive issues with schooling in general snifter........... our main concern is about how the curriculum matches up for my oldest daughter as she will be midway through high school by Jan 17? Also would she just start 3rd year again in the January? I thought last year was a long one emotionally going through the ups and downs of the visa process ...... Can see these next 2 years involving lots of visits to the off licence!!! Stay safe folks and enjoy the best of the heat if that's possible Paul (brrrrrrrrrr from Bonnie Scotland)
  7. Pmenlove

    Happy New Year to you all

    We (family of 4) were granted a permanent visa at the beginning of December and want to move to South Australia asap but with all our money tied up in UK accounts until January 2017 it looks like we may have to wait until then to move over permanently (and spend £7500 on a holiday this year in order to trigger our visas, arggghhhhh!!!!). This is unless we took the chance and moved over with only £10000 in October 2015 with only the promise of part time work so far as we aren't really getting anywhere with applications for full time jobs so far. Looks like too big a gamble with £10,000 that would only see us through the first 6 months, anybody else been in this scenario? Also, with so much to take in regarding houses, work (I'm a Business/Sports VET Teacher), schools, hospitals, sports facilities, eating out, etc we are looking for an insight into any the following areas please? South Adelaide - Christies Beach, Hackham, Morphett Vale, Mitcham, Marion, etc Victor Harbour Mount Gambier Finally, any help or thoughts on how we should best approach all this would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Paul

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