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  1. English is my first language, and I myself am a wordsmith. I'd like to work on accent reduction, and am looking to somewhat learn the RP at the grand old age of 36. (I read that accent solidifies between 18 and 24). I'd like to practise English in person, as I learn best through face to face interaction where I can imitate a person's mouth movements. Hope to meet at Westfield Marion or the city. What I can offer is, basic Mandarin, a language that I consider second language i.e. I have pretty good understanding and conversational ability, but wouldn't be considered a native speaker. Or else, I'd be more than happy to edit any work you have in English, e.g. Conversation for 30 mins, 30 mins of editing work. Or Chinese conversation for 30 mins, English conversation for 30 mins. Please email: expiring1990@yahoo.com
  2. thanks, donnahinch. I've PM-ed you
  3. Wikipedia: "In July 2013 the first stage of DisabilityCare Australia commenced in South Australia, Tasmania, the Hunter Region in New South Wales and the Barwon area of Victoria, while the Australian Capital Territory commenced in July 2014." Seems like SA is at the forefront of changes - I'm referring to the right for women to vote, and I think, recognition of Aboriginal sovereignty?
  4. Thanks! That's what i gather from my online research too. Hope it does work out like that in real life!
  5. The husband has been overworked doing kitchen hand jobs, and is now looking at a Cert III in aged care for which casual jobs are reportedly able to pay around $25 per hour. Our burning question is, if he would like to target earning $700-$1000 a week, how possible will it be? thanks in advance!
  6. “I am not sure you can apply for a partner visa for him when on a student visa.” - It will be a dependant visa (http://www.immi.gov.au/students/students/bringing_family/how-to-apply.htm)... or would have been. “Part time work can be very hard to come by as a student.” - Something I’m worried about, but which some commentators have opposing views on. Will have to go over and assess for my own self. As for him, he has work experience and English good enough to communicate with me and in his work. “I am not aware whether pre-schools/kindegartens have funds put aside for translators (if that is what you are asking).” -Actually, I was asking about any position in pre-schools/kindergartens. I haven’t been able to find info about the kind of part-time jobs that would stand aspiring ECEs in good stead. “Do a search for Interpreting and Translating Services Adelaide and it comes up with a government organisation that looks like they may be looking for casual staff.” -Thanks!! the power of crowdsourcing personal knowledge beats days of research! Thanks, everybody. I’m still doing calculations – one final question: say I get to stay after graduation on the post-study work visa, and I somehow manage to get a job (apparently not easy in ADL), how much could I save per month? Let’s assume I get a casual contract in a pre-school. T hanks for the ideas and tips. Not feeling very optimistic now. It may be a huge thing for us, but we’re most probably one of the many, many who have to end up this way.
  7. @Toni, good idea! Something I should have thought of as I did that before in another country! AsI'll be doing early childhood teaching, should I actually get a leg into pre-schools/kindergartens?
  8. Thanks, Royd. Will definitely ring them up when I get there. As of today, I'm thinking it'll be better for me to get there alone first, check out the job market and costs before thinking further...
  9. hey Royd, the forum is open to members of the public, but the probability of meeting crooks who only use more popular sites could be lower. They seem to be looking for long-term rentals though, so I'd use this site at a later date. Emailing people from flatmates and students from various country groups (Taiwan and Singapore)... will take up a bed in a hostel if there are no more leads.
  10. I’m from Singapore, about to undertake a Master’s in Flinders in 2015. I’m in a committed relationship with a man from Thailand, and we’ve been spending months researching ways on how we can be together in Australia. Since knowing my Australia plans, he’d spent about 6mths gathering finances and documents to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. [Now, the requirements for Thai nationals to get a WHV are quite baffling (considering how I’d applied for one in the UK myself before) – they actually have to ballot for a place, go through a face to face interview with the Thai ministry, before being eligible to apply to Australia government!] Anyway, long story short: he didn’t get the WHV when balloting opened in July. We were crushed. Months spent researching de facto visa, student visas, etc and finding that marriage is the easiest and/or least costly option (at least in the short term). I was/am reluctant to fast-forward our relationship and get married for visa reasons, though we are truly in love. But things being the way they are, I think I would have to do that. I have no doubt about our compatibility but I feel I need more information about potential financial repercussions for they may affect the new marriage. I will be struggling to make ends meet myself as an international student. How likely is it for me to find part-time jobs? I have 10 years of working experience in NGOs and corporations, mainly as an editor (book editor, and web editor). I have done translation into Chinese for 2 years. Note: I’m willing to take up hospitality and retail jobs, though ideally I want to do early childhood, which is my area of studies. How likely is it for him to find full-time contract work (he would be able to work unlimited hours)? He just graduated, and is skilled (albeit informally) in Thai cooking, agricultural cultivation, and Buddhism. He has a few months’ experience in hospitality work. While he can communicate effectively and joke in English, he can have minor struggles with it. He is a hands-on kind of guy, extremely hardworking. He is quiet but socialble and men and women, Thais and foreigners alike take to him easily, so he wouldn't have trouble fitting into new settings. I am concerned that out lack of local experience would be a sticking point with employers, as many forum posters suggest is the case even for casual jobs. Both of us do not have car driving licenses. Warm wishes~
  11. Thanks! The links and postcode have been useful! I've found lots of fraudsters using Gumtree in London - would it be the same for Adelaide? The prices and pics look too good to be true, though I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best in people I'm also considering hostels for the first month I'm there so I can suss out these places. cheers
  12. I’ll be studying my Master’s in Early Childhood Teaching at Flinders University (Bedford Park campus) come 2015. I haven’t been to Adelaide before, and would like to find out locations that are good for me. To give the context, I’m 33 years old, and female. I’m very much over the clubbing/getting drunk phase, and like to socialise through shared interests in spiritual awareness, culture, sociology, and history. I’ll be on a limited budget, which means, I hope to be able to walk or cycle to campus AND part-time jobs (that I’ll no doubt be taking up!). I hope to get a furnished room at less than $200 per week. Can you suggest some areas and websites for me to get started on? Thanks!
  13. @cliffy, thanks for the link! This is a load off the mind. I myself am outside of Australia at the moment, and can only do desktop research or overseas calls for now.
  14. My friend (from Asia) is keen on taking up a Cert 3 course in Adelaide, so as to have specialist knowledge as he realised he can't do much with a major in English. He's a hands-on dude and enjoys tinkering around with vehicles and stuff, and farming. But he understands that with soaring inflation, his family tradition of growing vegetables is not going to work out for him either. So, I'm recommending him to study subjects related to one of these - automotive repair, plumbing, electrical repairs. But TAFE SA's offerings for international students are limited, and the only hit I could come up with is Sheffield College: http://www.sheffieldcollege.com.au/index.php/selectedContent/108490323?currentDriven=2147259961¤tContent=393311167 The odd thing is, besides an old online newspaper mention to this college and its Facebook page, there's no other signs of its existence. No students discussing its courses, no registration with any association. Is this for real? Any other suggestions?

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