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  1. becky2015

    Moving back to the UK

    Wanted to see if anyone had experienced going back to the UK. I have been here 5 years. Due to feeling lonely and isolated after going through a difficult marriage. Most people don't quite understand and think I must be crazy to go back but when you feel so unwell and unhappy it feels like the best thing to do.
  2. becky2015

    Permanent visa 801

    Thank you! Some of the stuff they are asking for is a bit odd. In each of the section we could provide proof but not all points . Like the house is in my husbands name as he bought the house a year before I came here. It would cost far too much to get this changed to both our names. We could only get one of the bills transfered into both our names. We don't do sport together. But just the usual going out for meals and catching up with friends now and then. We have not been able to afford to go away other than our honey moon. hope that won't matter....
  3. becky2015

    Permanent visa 801

    Can anyone give me advice. I am married and I am told I have to wait for 2 years until I can be processed for permancy from my lodgement date of 13/01/2015. Does anyone know more about this... Do they request information to process a certain about of time before that date so a descion is made by the lodgement date ? Can anyone tell if there is much informaiton required, as I have been told not much as the majority of information was given when we applied for the PMV. Difficult to get much information. Thank you.
  4. becky2015

    Help Tax return

    I have been here 18 months and need to do my first tax return. Can anyone recommend a good accountant. Charges of a few have been quite excessive. I did not realise I can now only go through a tax agent because I did not complete by October. Thank you
  5. Hi people! , Happy New Year to everyone. I have been in Adelaide about 18 months now. Would be great to meet new people make new friends. I live the west side of Adelaide. Happy to meet half way or in the city. Would be great to start the New Year with new meetings. Fringe is nearly upon us!! My favourite time of the year in Adelaide so lets get together ! Take care Becky : )
  6. becky2015

    Let's meet! - arriving on 10th June 2015

    I am free, and quite new and in need of finding new friends.
  7. becky2015

    Help regarding 820 Partner Visa

    Thank you Snifter for that information. I was just a bit concerned about having enough information. As my name is not on the Moratage he tells me he tried to get my name put on but was told he would have to cancel the loan and re-start which would cost about $3,000. Just hope we will have enough evidence as I like to go out but he prefers to stay in so when we go out it is to the movies or for a meal. I work for Correctionals all Public Sector jobs will not give you a permanent contract until you are a permanent resident. Which is worrying for me.
  8. I arrived here on a PMV 300 visa. Got Married in Jan was granted my 820 in March only took 2 months. However the only documents I had uploaded were my ID and character information. Case Officer told me he did not require any information about my relationship as this was assessed when I applied for my PMV. I am just confused how long I wait for my permanent visa. I have been told I will get an email in 2years to provide further information. Wondering if I should upload this now. However I have concerns about the finincial side as I am unable to gain ongoing work until I am a permenant resident. We both do not want joint bank accounts. I put money into my husbands account. The social stuff I am not sure about as there is nothing we attend with both our names on. We have different interests but watch movies together and go for meals. Just wondering how in depth information they require. Would like to know if anyone as been granted this before the 2 years? Thank you
  9. Me too ! Been here 7 months looking for friends to hang out with. Becky Facer.
  10. I moved here 6 months ago quite isolated would be great to make new friends..

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