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Hello everyone.

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    Were new on here and very new to forums, I'm Kat I have a fiance called Andy and we have a 10month old baby girl called Phoebe.


    We are hoping to move to adelaide in about 2 years time depending on the current credit crunch.


    Both of us have never been to Australia but we are very excited about starting a new life there, we are not going in to this complete blind we have been doing lots of research on just about everything that we need to know for when we hopefully move there.


    We still have lots of things to find out and we hope when getting to know all of you that you will be kind enough to share your experences and thoughts with us about almost everything to do with moving to adelaide.


    I would really like to know what it is like out there for young children? As we are hoping this move will mean a better way of living for our daughter.


    thanks for taking the time to hear me ramble on. Can't wait to hear from you all.


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    Guest BAZnDAF

    Welcome to PIA. :D


    Can't help you with the kid thing as we are not there yet, but many others on here who are in Adelaide have young families, and I'm sure they will be able to help :)



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    Thank you, I hope so too. Nice to meet you.


    The whole process of applying to move to Australia is all new to us so any help would be appreciated.


    Does anyone know how long it usually take to get a response from the visa people?


    Not that we have appled yet, hopefully we will in a few months time. :(

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    Guest caoimhe

    Hi Kat, welcome to PIA

    When I joined this form about 18 months ago I had never joined a forum before so was very green like you.

    You really will find it helpful over the next few months or so and then before you know it you will be the one helping with advice on getting here.

    We are here 8 months now and have kids of 11, 9, 6 & 6, My regret is not having moved beforehand. When my O/H first tried to get me to migrate we only had 1 child. We are here on a temp visa (don't know what you qualify for) and its not a great one to be on especially when you have kids but I honestly don't regret the move, my boys have a better life here, we do more as a family and things aren't such a big deal as they seem to be at home (if that makes sense). You will be able to have a socail life where your daughter will be welcome too, the lifestyle here is very much orientated towards families. Don't get me wrong we are invited out without the kids but so many things include them and this also helps them grow into mature and social people.

    My advice would be to get here as soon as possible and give your daughter as much of the Aussie way of life as possible

    Good luck and any questions, just ask

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