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Car Seat Query

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    Guest team rennolds

    Hi All


    I have seen this question asked many times but am still unsure which way to go.


    Our first baby is due in January so we are wondering whether to buy a travel system here & then get a car seat in Aus which will go into it? Is this possible does anyone know?

    We have been looking at quinny speedi but it uses a maxi cosi car seat. Is this an allowed car seat in Australia? If not is there a car seat which will clip onto the chassis?


    Are we best to buy an Australian travel system whilst still in the UK? Will the car seat fit in cars over here & be legal/safe?





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    The difference in the car seats is the addition of a seperate tether strap which UK seats do not come with. In some cases, the seats here do not have the seat belt clip that the UK seats have. I am not aware of any seat which is legal in both countries. I would just presume you'll have to get a new one here and make your choices that way. If it's any help, Britax is called Safe N Sound here. You might be able to get a seat by them to fit a buggy bought in the UK

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