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Guest WhatNow?

Personal Development/Counselling/Training

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    Guest WhatNow?

    As migrants ourselves we understand that migrating is the largest and most stressful change you will ever make in your life.

    If you have made the move and are having difficulty adjusting, don’t despair.

    You will get friendly help and advice on this forum, and for many that will be enough, but if you feel you or any member of your family needs professional support then please don’t struggle on alone.

    What Now? can help you to clarify the way ahead and develop strategies for dealing with the inevitable stresses involved in taking your family to the other side of the world.

    We are qualified trainers, counsellors and NLP practitioners offering individual or family appointments at a special low cost of $70 per 90 minute session to PIA members.

    If you feel you have already left those hurdles behind you and fancy a bit of fun, why not book one of our parties – fun and games with a serious emphasis on why, how and when you need change and how to go about getting it to work for you.

    Personal Development

    Right Brain Solutions for a Left Brain World

    PM for more info

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