Guest banjo70

The Aussie Rules Grand Final

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    Guest banjo70

    How are the two halfs of Adelaide feeling this week?


    I bet Power fans are so down after losing by a record margin of 119 points, but I bet the Crows fans are almost as happy as if they won themselves!


    I watched this here in the UK and to be frank it was so one sided it was embarrasing.


    Does anybody from the UK follow it and understand the rules?

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    Guest Guzzler&Sas

    No that I know much about Aussie Rules but the whole state seemed to be behind The Power this weekend ..... there were buildings with Power flags on, it was great to see whoever you support.

    Shame that they lost so badly, but then the Cats had not won since 1968 I think, so guess they deserved a win and with a record breaking score!

    Wow, I sound a bit like I know what I am typing about - must be the few glasses of wine I have just had ..... hick!



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