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Gotta share this!

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    I don't post on here very often now but I just had to share this with you.


    I had to phone Eon in the UK as we'd left behind an outstanding debt for $9.37 (that should be pounds by the way but my keyboard doesn't have a pound sign!) I phoned through to the call centre which I seem to remember is in Bradford and was informed by the very excited young man who answered my call that there might be a bit of a delay in processing my card payment "because of the time difference between Australia and the UK"!


    Thankfully the payment was processed in cyber time and not UK time! Lol!:biglaugh:

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    Guest garlic--bread

    Don't you just love call centres, lol. By the way if you have an aussie keyboard without a £ sign, hold down the AlT key, and then press 0163 on the numeric pad. Hey presto £ sign :)

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