retire to Victor Harbour

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    I would make this a new post but cannot find the 'new thread' button.


    Now that we have reached retirement age we would like to move back to Adelaide from Perth to be closer to our daughter & new grandchild.

    We are attracted to Victor Harbour as we are now used to living close to the sea & do not like very hot summers. It is 25yrs since we have been regular visitors to VH.

    We are wondering if there are many activities for Seniors there.


    Someone put the website of a local VH newspaper on here recently. I would appreciate it if someone can post that on here again. Thank you.



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    Guest Guest75

    Tis done!!!:D


    If you have any difficulties in the forum just ask a Moderator. We are only too happy to help!!!:cute:


    Victor Harbour will be a lot busier than 25 years ago - loads to do!!

    A very nice place indeed!


    The local rag is the Victor Harbour Times - here is the link ........


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    Victor Harbor has the highest median age in the whole of Australia, so there should be plenty of activities for seniors.


    It has certainly changed a lot since I first visited it 19 years ago. We were down there on Tuesday for the day and discovered the 'ring road' (never used to be there) and there are loads more shops and facilities than there ever used to be. The coastline along to Goolwa has really been developed so the whole area seems much busier and up-to-date than it was, and there is a much wider variety of housing there now. The road from Adelaide is much better too.


    It is still a lovely place with beautiful views - the only problem is how cold it gets! We had to put jumpers on after 6pm the breeze was so chilly!

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