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State Sponsorship

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    Guest alex27

    Hi there,

    I applied for a 175 visa over a year ago as a primary school teacher. We found out in July 2010 that primary school teacher was taken of the SOL and that we were now in Priority Group 4 (which could take years to process).

    We were very excited to see primary school teacher on South Australia's State Sponsorship List, as we would love to go to South Australia.

    I have a couple of questions, if anyone might be able to help?

    -if you apply for State Sponsorship and meet all the requirements, are you pretty much guaranteed to get the sponsorship? Or do they still consider all the applications and choose the best ones?

    -Can you just switch your existing 175 application to a 176? Or do you need to re-apply and pay again? (keep getting different answers on this one!)

    -Finally, I had a skills assessment done by NOOSR in 2006. They no longer assess teachers, but they advised me that my assessment is still valid for migration. Has anyone else been in a similar situation?


    Thanks for any help you can provide!!


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