Pioneer Home Cinema Receiver

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    Pioneer VSX-919AH (Black)


    Full support for all HD Audio Formats, as well as WMA Pro etc.

    HDMI Input (x3)

    HDMI Output (x1)

    Ipod/Iphone Connectivity (Unused cable included)

    Lots of other connections (In and Out) including composite video, component, digital audio etc. etc.

    Also has support for a second audio zone, so you can run into in 5.1 mode for movies and tv or switch to a second set of speakers (outside for example) running stereo music to your entertaining area.

    Cost me $798 approx. 1 year ago and still has warranty left (3 years originally) – need to double-check dates but they’re about right, I think.

    Comes with Manual, Remote (unused), surround setup mic etc.

    Mint condition.

    $450 o.n.o.

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