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Guest williams 1

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Guest williams 1

Apologies if this is not the correct place to post - I'm new!


My husband and I (along with our baby) are looking to migrate to Australia. Have done some research and Adelaide seems to tick all the boxes for us.


Can I ask about friends;


- Did you find it easy to make friends? Wondering if the weather really makes any difference - maybe people are outside more and therefore more likely to interact.

- Do you mix more with Aussies or ex-pats?

- Would you say they're close friendships where you can pop in to their home for a coffee or much more casual where you might meet every now and then?


Interested to hear what other peoples experiences are of leaving old friends behind and trying to build new friendships.



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Guest chooklady

Hi Williams 1


Question 1 - The weather - For me not really, but if you play sports this could lead to friendships. They take there netball very seriously over here, you can put your name down at a leisure centre and they will call you when they have a space on a team. Also lots of people walk up Mount Lofty on a sat/sun morning and that's a very social thing.


Question 2 - Expats? - just by coincidence most of my friends are expats, also a canadian girl. I know some people are a bit opposed to this. We don't just sit around and talk about England, it's like any other friendship, you talk about what is going on in your life. The expats I know have been here a long time so it's a genuine frinedship not just because we;re english. Saying that it is nice to talk to people (settled here from anywhere overseas). You find you have something in common instantly! Also often a similar personality type ie adventurous. So it's more about what you have in common rather than being english per se.


Question 3 - popping round - Yes! I certaintly do this. It took about 5 years I reckon, but now the friendships I have are like family. It just takes time. Lots of people including myself are not friends now with people they met when they first arrived. It's slim pickings at first and you kinda latch on to whoever is there. This is Ok. There comes a nice point when you enough people that you can choose who you want to spend your time with.


It all just takes time and it is hard when you first get out here. I met 2 good friends on a WEA cousre (Adult college course) I also was a temp for about 6 months and kept in touch with nice people I met. It's a strange thing....you have to date your friends!! ie. "shalll I call her and ask her out for a coffee?"


As for leaving old friends, mine were scattered and I didn't have the friendships I have now which are wonderful.


Hope that is helpful. Good Luck. Say yes to all invitations that you get. IF you are natuarally confident talking to people you don't know, you'll be fine!

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Guest katsmajic

Hi, friendship wise - accept invitations anywhere and everywhere initially, there's regular meet ups arranged on here etc, random coffee's out and about, and you have the added bonus of a bub - so once you find a home get along to a mums & bubs group.

Alot of people you meet up with (expats) remember the only thing you'll usually have in common is emigrating, but theres usually some one or a few you will hit it off with. It's hard work making new friends as as adults we tend to be more reserved etc, alot of aussies (and people who have been here for a long time) will wait for you to put in the hard yards to make a friendship - they have their friends etc already from work/school so they may be matey but not friends.

Saying that, people are so much friendlier and happier to help, people say "g'day/howdy" when out walking their dogs/kids etc, groups of teens dont look intimidating and are usually very polite, people out and about have their heads are up, they make eye contact, its refreshing from people in the uk with their heads down/stay away faces/too busy with life look.


My sis in law was stopped so often by people admiring my lushious nephew - she was amazed at how friendly people were - but then shes from Russia...


We've been lucky with our friends - blessed actually!

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