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Schools in Hillbank area

Guest jakeandshelley

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Guest jakeandshelley



we are hoping to come to Adelaide in Jan 2013. We will initially be staying in Hillbank for the forseable (friends of the family own a house there which will be empty for a while). We were wondering about schools in the area, state or private. Our oldest will have just turned 7, our middle will be nearly 5 so assume he will go to Kindy?



Regards, Shelley.

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Guest salisbury massive

Hi Shelley,


I've been looking into this because I wasn't sure there is a school in Hillbank and it seems I was right. Unfortunately Hillbank is situated between a few suburbs and there are a few options available to you. My best choice for you would be Salisbury Heights Junior Primary, its about 5 mins drive from Hillbank and my local school. Here is the website:- http://www.shsr7.sa.edu.au/ My friends kids have been through there and thoroughly recommend it. there are around 500 kids at this school Reception to year 7. I have used schools out of my catchment as it was more convenient for me but I know its a decent school. Up the Hill from Hillbank is a little place called One Tree Hill, again about a 5 - 8 minute drive. Get used to the driving. This I think is your catchment primary, its a small community based school and its small compared to other primaries. do not assume this means the facilities will be poor, on the contrary it can be a blessing for the school. Smaller classes, more one on one time with the teachers. This is the website:-

http://www.othc7.sa.edu.au/ Currently there are 187 pupils from Kindy to year 7 and I think your kids would flourish in such a small school. At the moment children here start school the term after they are 5. So say your middle one has their birthday in February, they would start school after the easter holidays. Term one is Jan to Easter, Term two after Easter to July, Term three after July hols to October, term four after october hols til around 19th December. Then we get 6 weeks off until the end of January. However next year South Australia is going down the one intake a year route so I'm not sure when your nearly 5 year old will start. However, since he will have started school in the Uk, you might well be able to have him start school. Things are much more flexible here. If you want to do some more research have a look at the DECS website, this is it http://www.decd.sa.gov.au/

On the right hand side where is says find, click on school and pre-schools. Then on the left click on browse a map, then click on the little red Adelaide section of the map. Then click on the top of the map that says, Virginia, Elizabeth and Tea Tree Gully. This will bring up all the school websites in that area. I wouldn't recommend any of the Elizabeth schools. I can have a look for private schools for you when I've got a bit more time. Hope that helps.



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