What type of furniture do you have in your garden?? Advice needed please

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    Been here 2 months and are in our 1st rental in Oz. We have a fairly large Pergola and garden and are now looking to buy some garden furniture... I love the wicker type sofas and wicker table and Gav likes the wooden table and chairs and maybe a sofa, please give me some recommendations of what you have in your garden, what's most comfortable and where did you buy from??


    We are a family of 3 but will have guests/vistors round so looking for a 6-8 seating..


    Please help....


    Lisa :o)

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    Guest Guest5035

    skiing 003.jpg


    simple setting easy to clean, our pergola has blinds to make a outdoor area inside, got the setting from a garage sale for $250



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    Guest The Dimmocks

    Our garden furniture is pretty much the same as Stevo's but we have a rectangle table. We got ours from Bunnings. We have just had planning application through to put a pergola in our garden as we currently have a freestanding one which isnt really big enough.


    We also have some fold up chairs that are good for when people come round, got them from Home I think they were $9 each.

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    Guest Barney Rubble

    Have the same as Stevo but the larger rectangle one with 8 seats.

    Also a garden swing which is getting a lot of use by the dog !


    Easy to clean and pretty comfy (well when your beering on you cannot really tell TBH):cute:


    Had a Jarrah setting originally but had a lot of problems getting the right oil for it so it never looked as good as it did when we first got it.

    Also found it a bit heavy to move about.



    I'd make an afternoon going to the furniture shops and trying them all out, even Harvy Normans sell these things now.


    One thing for sure is you'll have 5 x more choice than we did when we first came here !


    Also the &9 fold up chairs are handy although don't leave them in the shed alone, they multiply !

    We now have about 8 or 9 and people keep leaving them behind, probably 'cause they drink too much and forget about them :biglaugh:

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