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Mental Health Nursing opportunities in adelaide

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    Guest GerardC

    Hi there,


    I am a RMN working in North London and I'm thinking of moving to Adelaide with my partner and our 2 children. I would appreciate any information about the psychiatric hospitals where I may get a job, best areas to live on a reasonable budget, schooling, visa/registration advice Adelaide ex pat community etc.


    Hope to hear from you soon



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    Hi there! I am a RMHN also. What area do you currently work in?

    I started out with an agency called NASA, it gives you a chance to check out different areas.

    Some things are really very different here and take some adjusting to!!

    It depends where you are looking to live. You could contact Flinders Medical Centre, the Royal Adelaide, Noarlunga Hospital, Queen Elizabeth, Repatriation Hospital or the Lyell McKewin and enquire about jobs and check out the and look in the careers section.

    Areas to live are really a personal choice, based on your lifestyle needs, schools, budget, availability and workplace.

    Look on the AHPRA website for registration info.

    Lots to sort, but the pay is much better here!!

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