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886 with RSMS

Guest Pragnesh

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Guest Pragnesh

Hello everyone,


I know that I can get answer of my query by give one call to the dept of immi helpline but I more trust on you guys than immi helpline with ma experience so please I really appreciate again for your best answer asap.


k here we go,, start with bad news that my 886 state sponsorship file which I lodged 3yrs ago been refused by DIAC cz my veryyy good Migrant Agent lodged my 886 without state sponsorship approval and I was stupid enough till 2yrs after he lodged my application for 886 and he told me that immigration will approve my application on base of my work experience and etc.. etc.. but 8months ago I got call from one of VIC regional as I am having work exp in my field and my resume on immi region website so they called and ready to sponsored me and without waiting of my 886 result I been moved to regional and right now I am waiting for my RSMS approval


last march'12 my file opened and I had talk to my Case Officer directly without asking my migration agent and my CO gave me extension till July and she told me that if my RSMS not finalize before July than I have to withdraw 886 so there will be not any refusal but suddenly day before I got email from my MA about 886 refusal. I socked its June yet and when I check his attachments than this time different CO as well


Now, these two reasons I hope you understand why I more trust on you guys that MA or Immi CO


ok come to the Threads


1. why my file refused as I want to withdraw next month. now what can I do? this time CO different and last CO who advised me to keep waiting and withdraw on July she didn't give me anything on writing . Is that possible to withdraw now as it already refused?


2. I am confused, please advice me that 886 refusal can be effect on my current RSMS application?


3. RSMS I lodged fee free as I was waiting for 886 when I lodged RSMS and immi also email me acknowledgment with fee free $0.00 receipt so now when they open my RSMS than do they ask fees as meanwhile my 886 refused so?


I lodged RSMS by myself without any veryyy good MA and please my personal advice trust friends and yourself than any Migration Agent


waiting for your response guys please as I have only 21days which started from last Thursday on 21st.



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Guest lebour

Sounds like you need to speak to a different Registered Migraton Agent.


It may have been better for you so apply for the RSMA by an agent with a Decision Ready Application as they are approved in about a month.


Try Speaking to Go Matilda or Ian Harrop regarding what to do next. As you are in Australia - you have the right to appeal the decision. Which will give you another bridging visa.

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Hello Pragnesh


From your post, it is impossible to work out what has actually happened and why things have gone wrong for you.


I agree with Lebour that you need to speak with a top-notch Registered Migration Agent without a moment's delay. You are in Australia so you need an RMA who is also in Australia. Ian Harrop is in the UK and I don't know whether Go Matilda (which has an office in Melbourne) really deals with appeals to the Migration Review Tribunal, which you seem to think may be your next step.


Whereabouts in Australia are you, Pragnesh? Are you in Adelaide or near Adelaide? If you are then I'd suggest that you contact a local RMA called Dave Brooking:




If you are not in South Australia then I recommend that you should contact George Lombard in Sydney instead:




Good luck and I hope you manage to get everything sorted out.





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