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Guest the4hopes


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    Guest the4hopes

    We used The Emigration Group to help us with our application. We had a lot of paperwork to do because my husbands a plasterer, but as he trained 20 years ago with small building firms in London, we had no way of getting references from them,or anyone he had worked with. So we had to write a declaration explaining what he had learnt, when,who it was with, all in great detail.

    The TEG were really helpful, they would send us all the necessary forms,any problems they would be at the end of the phone,but would never phone to hurry you along. They also gave us templates for reference letters etc. to show us how they should be set out.They are a middle man, but I found they were good backup.

    Our fees;

    TEG fee for TRA application £595

    TRA £225

    Document certification £175

    Aus Immigration £800

    TEG fee to lodge and process app £1900

    Visa processing completion fee £795



    Adult 15 and over £125

    Child £75

    Blood test £35 or £60 for two(per person) 15 and over.

    X-rays £54 each 11 and over.


    We had to have 2 blood tests as I have had a blood transfusion, and my husband had tattoos. The medical prices may vary around the country.

    Hope someone finds this useful, any questions on our medicals I will answer, as this was the one thing I wanted to know about.

    Laura x

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    Guest Mich&Vin

    Thanks for that info, I found it really helpful. We are looking to move to Adelaide in a couple of years and are just at the gathering of as much info as we can stage! Can I ask you - is the money you paid for visa application a set amount regardless of how many people are gonna be on the visa? We are a family of five and hope that is not per person??? All in all, has it cost you about £5000 then? Other than actually paying for flights and transporting of belongings, is that all the costs we would expect to have? We are gonna try and not use an emigration agent, just to save some cash, but as I have found that so many poeple do, I am wondering if the process is so complicated that you need to! Anyway thanks for your help,



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    Guest the4hopes

    Hi Michele,

    Yes it was a set amount. There is only one visa application to pay for. We paid about 1/2 the money at the start, then the rest was over the next few months.

    Money for medicals are paid on the day of the medicals, which is right at the end of the process.

    I feel for us using the TEG was a must, I am the one that fills out all the forms and does all the reading!!

    I have known people without help who have filled out the wrong forms and wasted a lot of time.

    When we had our original meeting with them(which was the only one needed everything else is through emails and phone calls and post) we asked whether they could help us, there reply was, its not a case of whether we can get you there but when!! Which stayed in my mind for the whole process.

    I just felt they were very good back up, as the waiting is bad enough but you dont want to worry whether the forms are wrong. But people who have done it without help may have their own advise.

    We originally chose the TEG because we were at an expo in Birmingham and one of there advisors caught us! I wanted to walk away because I didnt think there was anything he could tell us, but then he wouldnt let us go; took Phils details, as he had done plastering and bricklaying, he then told us we had plenty to get there and we should definately apply he was very positive.

    Laura x

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    Guest susanmary38

    Hi guys

    we being tight yorkshire folk are doin it ourselves to save some serious dosh. we are hoping to go in on 176 visa

    A bit of research required, but plenty of people on here to help.

    So far we have sent all my papers off to TRA this cost 300 AUD[£ 130.00], which we passed ok.

    depending on which trade you are going in on depends on were you send your papers. details on immigration gov web site.

    Next we applied on line to the S.A gov for sponsorship, follow the instructions, we paid a notary of the public £60.00 to stamp the finance declaration. just got confirmation that S.A gov have received our papers ok on the on line application web site.

    we should hear fairly quickly if sponsorship is ok, then we can apply on line to the immigration web site for our visas £800.00 this will cover 4 of us, dont know how many are allowed on the visas or the cost per person.

    Obviously other fees for police checks & medicals, but there is a vaste saving by doing it your self, just need a bit of patience.

    I know it is easy just to let a visa agent loose with your application, we visited a couple of expos to suss the job out, there is one in Leeds early April.

    Good luck

    Dave N Sue

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