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Mental Health Nursing Info required please

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    Guest Adam31

    Hi I am due to qualify with RMN in September 2013 and hope to work for 1 year in the UK to get the necessary experience before moving out to Adelaide to make myself more employable.


    What is the current employment situation with mental health nursing. Are most positions on acute wards, or secure facilities? Are there rehab units and what about community posts?

    Where are most of the psychiatric wards based around Adelaide?


    Does anyone have the current payscales?

    What enhancements do you get for nightshifts, weekends and unsociable hours?

    What total hours do you work a week?

    How many holiday days do you get a year?

    Is it best to apply directly or go via agencies, can anyone recommend any?


    Sorry for so many questions, but want to cover bases and get as much info as possible.


    Any other advice that you think may be of use is greatly appreciated :notworthy::notworthy:


    ps. for some reason unable to change the signature?! It is now 3 years on and we have our 176 visa which is good until April 2015.

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    At this stage I would suggest you go to SA Health Careers Website iCan .


    apply through them for a job . Don't go to agency as there is not enough wok at present . You've got more chance then of a position ,

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