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Visa .... by post?

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    Hi everyone,

    After a very strained conversation with our case officer last night ( we were being polite she was being rude) we have been informed that we will not hear from her again and will only receieve our visa in the form of a letter. No email or phone call to confirm it is on its way to us. Has anybody else had their visa like this? we are going on a regional sponsered migration visa From reading peoples threads I was under the impression most people receive a phone call or text to say they have got it. I just have this panic that it will take another two weeks to get to us in the post when she could just email to say its on its way!





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    Hey Liz,


    We only received our visa grant by post.... no email or nothing. We did use an agent and dont know if they got anything else...but all they forwarded to us was the grant letter!


    We had no contact with case officer at all.


    See ya Sat!


    Dan and Steph

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    Guest mOZzy

    i take it you also signed to have that agent as your contact in regards to anything diac related?! - then they will hear first thing anything and everything!


    as far as i understand our agent they will get in contact with us in any way possible as soon as they know that we have been granted the golden ticket.

    i even heard of some receiving a phone call at weird times during the night (the agent is oz based :biglaugh:) - but i think that's only our agent!


    still, since you've paid your agent lots of money firstly you should receive better service and secondly the second she knows anything your visa related she should contact you!!!


    good luck!

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