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Four weeks till the move!

Guest dondon75

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Guest dondon75

Hi all,


3 days until our stuff is collected. All the last minute packing and with a two half year old to entertain.


Mixed feelings if we are doing the right thing !


See you guys down under.

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Just make sure he doesn't disappear into one of the boxes! I was fortunate enough to have mine all in school while the packers were in but it was still an odd feeling knowing that we wouldn't see it all again till we were on the other side of the world.


Enjoy all those lasts.

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Hi John, Jane and Little man,


We are in the same boat as you at the moment. We leave 25th April and with soooo much to do in such a short space of time. We have a 2 and half your old, and its been difficult (Especially the loft while he kept climbing the ladder!!!:wideeyed:) to keep him happy while getting it all done. You also get a lot of your friends and family trying to talk you out of which don't help. Putting negative thoughts in your head about moving to the other side of the world. Just remember the day when you and your wife made the decision to move down under and the happiness and excitement that you felt. Your doing this for a better life and out door life style to boot. I always look at the last 2 summers where it has rain practically all the time and our winters are 8 months of the year. On top of that the way the economy is looking bleak in the U.K I think it will be a long time before we see an improvement.

What I am trying to say is you started this process for a reason right???

Don't be like my work colleague who had his visas, didn't go, and now regrets it to this day that he didn't at least give it a try. You get one crack at the whip and if it's not for you at least you tried.


Theres always sunny England to go back to right !!!!



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Guest Benoli

we're not far behind you. Our packers come in next week then we leave at the beginning of June. Got a 2yr old and a 4yr old to contend with in the middle of it all. Its been hard going and the house is a nightmare but no way will we be giving in now! good luck and safe journey to the other side of the world :smile:

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Guest vikkiann

It's all worth it guys.

I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown the week before we left, 1 minute happy, the next minute breaking my heart but do you know what .....

Since the minute we landed, I've felt like this is home and this is where we belong.


Even when my sister visits and she's been out twice in 10 months she said she understands why we are here and it's a different way if living and she feels like she's come home when she steps off of the plane!


What you are feeling is normal.


Enjoy the last few weeks with your families.




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Guest dondon75

Thanks guys for all the positive response. I will be much happier when stuff has been collected as this bit seems so stressful!


we are going to put everything into this move and hopefully make it work. We need to give our son the best start in life


looking forward to meeting you and putting nAmes to faces

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