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thinking of going home

Daz and Loz

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Hi to all how read this .It been a very hard 13 mouths with work . Darren been told no more work so last day fri . He is a painter & decorator been in 3 jobs so far 7 mths in work 6 mths out of work only keep you till the work is done then bye . in the biz over 25yrs was is own boss .All he dose allday is paint paint paint i wont some wallpaper wages not good $25 dollars & he as to help the other painter as they cannot do the job. Can not live on that . we are in a rent we dont wont no heating its cold there is so much we have not seen of oz have been to perth have some saving but bont wont to spend that money as that be money to get home we have to boys Nathan 9 Jack 3 Nathan dose not wont to go home So at the moment he wont's to try somethink new so he & a mate could Andy a plumer is in the same boat they have but a thread on pom DNA HANDYMAN SERVICES so a jobs big/small pls pm me . We dont wont to go back but how long do you keep going :unsure:lorraine

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I don't know if this helps but my husband and I are in the process of purchasing a property and we will need some paintwork done inside. Settlement takes place in January. We would love to be of help so if you're still around in a couple of months then let's keep in touch.

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Hi we are coming over in feb for a reckie and was wondering what the painting work was like

any advice would be appreciated



Just browsing.... been a long time since I came on here, but painting is fine for my hubby - good luck with reccie. PM me on here if we can help, been here 6 years hubby never been out of work:smile:

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