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Any nurses struggle to find work on arrival or still struggling?

Guest Kel87

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Guest Kel87

Posted in pomsinoz but not had any replies.


Hi, I'm currently awaiting the results of my ANMAC skills assessment and then it's on to applying for our 189 visa. Reading this forum and the sister sites of each states the lack of jobs available just now is obviously worrying.


I will be moving with my husband and 2 children, one at school and the other just a baby therefore due to childcare my husband will look after the kids for the first while until he either finds flexible work or until the youngest starts school. For this reason we are basing everything on only myself working and living on one salary which I know many people currently are.


My main concern is getting to Oz and finding no nursing work at all, obviously I need to work or we won't survive in oz on no money!


I was wondering of the nurses who have successfully made the move how long did it take to secure work? Did any on a PR visa manage to secure work before arriving? Those who didn't secure permenant work did you find agency work readily available? Did/do you obtain enough agency to cover full time work?

Did anyone really struggle to get any type of nursing work?


I have been qualified 6 years, only ever worked in medical (acute receiving and respiratory) however I am willng to work in any available nursing positions and will be happy to work for agencies or temp full time contracts until I am able to obtain permenant work.



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Guest Benoli

ah Kel we meet again lol I'm a nurse too although a mental health nurse. Can't give you any answers just yet as asking the same questions but will certainly let you know how things appear when I get over there x

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Guest Russ c

Hi, my mrs has got sponsorship through healthcare elite, so we have the security of having a really good job before we go , we hoping to go in July just waiting on visas . The whole process only took 3 months. Visa can be as quick as 10 days.

Good luck

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Guest jones1541

Hi Kel, we moved here in January I was sponsored on a 457 visa and used healthcare elite and they were brilliant! I would recommend you call them once you have gained pr ( I don't think they can get you work if you don't have the visa or AHPRA however if you are willing to come on 457 they will get you work). Otherwise in my experience so far, the private hospitals are your best option, agency pays really well but not sure if you would feel confident going on the wards with no orientation ( meds are called different names here).


We are a family of 4 and my husband is also at home, 6yr old in school and 3 year old at home. We are living fine on 1 wage, even though we are on 457 visa. The hospital I work for are sponsoring us for Pr after 6 months. Let me know if I can help, good luck :)

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