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Super Fund Performance – March 13

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    I thought that the following information for Superannuation Fund returns might be quite useful.


    These figures have been taken up to the end of March 2013 and you will note that the difference is extremely wide.


    The figures are based on Pre-mixed Growth Funds which typically consist of 60%-80% in growth assets e.g shares and 20%-40% in defensive assets e.g bonds.


    On average most people will be invested in their Superannuation Funds default option (typically named the Balanced Fund) which generally lies in the Growth category.


    So as follows:


    1 year historic performance:

    Highest = 19.78%


    Lowest = 6.80%


    5 Year annualised historic performance:


    Highest = approx. 6%


    Lowest approx. minus 0.5%



    This shows how important it is to keep on top of how your Super is doing as this could make a huge difference to your end result, as an example for a Super balance of $50,000 over the last year the difference between the highest and lowest performance is $6,490!!












    Of course past performance is no guide to future performance and certainly you shouldn’t necessarily make a decision based on short term returns as there can be valid reasons for under performance against benchmark or peers.


    The figures have been taken from Morningstar and include Super Funds from the Retail, Corporate and Industry sectors.

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