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457 Visa and Health Insurance

Guest Ryan T. Lion

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Guest Ryan T. Lion

Following on from a related thread..........


I just called DIAC to clear something up that I think a lot of 457 visa holders get duff info on.


I was told: If you qualify and register for Medicare (via the reciprocal healthcare agreement Australia has with the UK) then is DOES suffice as basic health cover to satisfy condition 8501 of the 457 visa.

If anyone has any doubts you can ring DIAC on 131 881


Their website used to state this in their FAQ section but doesn't anymore. I was told there hasn't been a change in legislation but the wording of the website has changed.


I would expect a lot of UK 457 visa holders might be paying for private health insurance that they don't need to. You need to be a passport holder from a country that has a reciprocal arrangement though. The UK does.


I recommend you check this for yourself - this was just the bones of the phonecall I had a few minutes ago.

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Agreed. We did this. The only problem is that they will only register you for medicare for 3 months as a visitor until the 457 is approved. Then you have to go back to Medicare with the visa and they will extend it.

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Guest Justin Grossbard

Yep, your exactly right.


Medicare does cover the 457 visa health insurance requirement.

One thing to consider is your wage. If you earn over a certain level you have to pay the medicare surcharge unless you have private health insurance.

In many circumstances its cheaper to have private health insurance (a lower cover with IMAN or something along those lines) then pay the tax. Of course you get the added benefit of the extra cover.

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