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Underdale and Henley High schools

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    Guest Eric Adelaide

    Hi all,


    My son will have to go to high school soon, and we have just moved in Lockleys which is in Underdale zone.


    I have been reading a few posts there and then, it seems Underdale High School has got a poor reputation and I would appreciate any contribution to elaborate on the subject.


    When I go through Acara, the Naplan results seem to be fair enough, there are some specialist programs, and the school is IBMYP.


    So I just cannot see the issue before going myself there and meet staff.


    Any educated guess ?


    As my son is gifted in sports, we may try Henley High as an alternative. Any review is welcome.


    Western suburbs seem to be tough regarding public schools...





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    We too are in the Underdale zone and I went to see the school on it's open day and although there is nothing inherently wrong with it as a school it just seemed to me to be "good enough". Henley High on the other hand appears to be shinier (a very academic way to choose schools!). We did a lot of trawling around UK secondaries before we left just in case we were granted our visa (we ended up with a place at a grammar school for our daughter and have yet to find anything - free - that would match) so we sort of know what type of feeling we're looking for.


    If you were hoping for 2014 entry to Henley High their specialist sports programme has already held their trials so you wouldn't be accepted that way - you'd have to use your ED176 form and state your case. We went to the Henley open day on Wednesday and they said about a third of pupils in year 8 intake come from outside of their zone, so you just have to get your reasons straight and cross your fingers....


    Underdale have a new-ish head so it might be a school that is going in the right direction and as you say they run a gifted programme so I can't foresee any problems if that's where our year 7 ends up, I think it's more a matter of personal fit.

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